Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Role

In just a few minutes, I'll need to dash around to straighten my living room. Company arrives early this morning.

One of our favorite parts of working in this area is serving as mentors to many of the students and young adults. Quite a few Southeastern University students find their way to Garden Grove every semester. It's the cooking that draws them and the hugs that keep them. Smile.

This morning I'll be interviewed by a delightful young missions major. She has a final project and needed to discuss the ins and outs of women in ministry. Hence, the interview.

Amanda has a passionate call to serve as a missionary to Japan.

This bright, articulate, intelligent young woman could work anywhere and make her way to the top of any corporate ladder. But Japan is her focus!

As we sat together recently, I felt humbled.

There was a definite sense of the Divine orchestrating her footsteps; just as He promises to do for all of us. But I also sensed Him whispering, "This young woman will impact people you'll never meet. Be careful and intentional about what you say to her." Yep, humbled!

The fact that she will spend her summer in Japan as an intern is actually a miracle, given the horrors of the recent tsunami. Most would run in the opposite direction; seeking out an easier assignment.

But not Amanda. Her eyes fairly sparkled as she talked about her plans. And we both celebrated the fact that Japan is now ripe for sharing the good news of Christ with its citizens. Devastating times always have a way of causing us to examine eternal matters.

In a few short weeks, Amanda will be there to walk alongside precious Japanese people as they try to "regain their footing". She'll be able to demonstrate the literal love of Christ, draw others to His cross, and never even have to preach a sermon.

(It makes buying a plane ticket seem very tempting doesn't it! Smile.)

As I share this with you, dear readers; I'm reminded of a portion of scripture. "Paul planted, Apollos watered, and God caused the growth." In other words, we each have a role to play in the lives of others. Some go, some give, some pray....... Oops, and some are interviewed. Gotta run.

Hope you find joy in doing whatever your part may be today!

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