Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Predictability at its Best

I love my morning cup of coffee! And Frank bears total responsibility!

I was a tea drinker until he decided he would like an early-morning "coffee buddy". He kept looking at me with those big baby blues - how's a girl to resist? So I learned to drink coffee.

Now, I'm pretty much addicted I think.

But it's more than the shot of caffeine first thing each morning. It's the ritual. The predictability.

Most mornings, Frank wakes earlier than me. So the pot sits ready and all I have to do is hit the right button. Viola! Perfect brew.

Even on days when I make the coffee it's pretty much the same. This seems to work the same with any operator. Put in the right elements; expect the desired results:
  • Six cups of filtered water.
  • Three scoops of Maxwell house.
  • Wait thirty seconds.
  • Morning Comfort!!
Consistent! Dependable! Exactly the same every time! CONSTANT! Smile.

(I once knew a lady who enjoyed this feeling while doing math problems. "One plus one always equals two," she said. Yeah, math is a foreign language to me! So I'll stick with coffee.)

Oddly enough as much as things have progressed, it's still necessary for me to add the right elements before I expect the desired results. And no one thinks that odd.

This morning I was reminded how that is repeated in our lives. (You knew an application was coming, didn't you? Smile.)

I talk with so many young moms who wonder how they are supposed to raise their children to love God in this crazy world. Well, believe it or not, providing a foundation of faith and trust is actually pretty predictable.

The secret is found in the most concise child-rearing manual I've ever seen.

Deuteronomy 6 gives the necessary information. If we take time to add the proper elements we'll get the desired result:
  • Live for God the way you want your children to.
  • Talk about Him in the mornings and evenings.
  • Point out His goodness while on the run.
  • Take every opportunity to remind them of His love.
Prayer adds the power to get things rolling. Wait with expectancy......enjoy the desired result!

I know. I know. This sounds overly simplistic - especially on a Tuesday morning. And there are many variables to factor!

But sometimes we over-complicate what God meant to be straight-forward.

One of my favorite thoughts is found in the Presbyterian catechism: "The chief end of man is to love God and enjoy Him forever."
Simple? Yes.
Profound? Definitely.
Possible? Totally!

Just a thought for you this morning as we enjoy that cup of coffee together.


  1. I always enjoy my coffee reading your blogs, Thanks!!!!! this is good stuff, Can I have a blueberry muffin,please ?

  2. Could we go back to Saturday's post for just a sec, Please? What is it that Joy and John had to find out about from Shriner's? I must have missed that post...please, PLEASE tell me. Thank you so much, Sheri.