Saturday, March 26, 2011


My goodness, life lived fully has its extremes, doesn't it?!

Last night found me in the "nose bleed" section of the St. Pete Times Forum. We had snagged cheap tickets and all went to see the Tampa Bay Lightening play ice hockey!!

This afternoon I will spend several hours combing stores in Orlando for just the right bridesmaids dresses!!

Must admit, I'm much more comfortable with the second adventure than the first. Smile.

Raising three daughters afforded precious few opportunities for venturing into sports arenas of any sort. You would have laughed out loud had you seen me last night -
  • holding tightly to Frank as I cautiously climbed the steep stairs to the very top of the seating area.
  • jumping out of the tiny seat when some nut case blew an air horn repeatedly after every point scored.
  • putting on a sweatshirt - power surging - taking off the sweatshirt - freezing - putting on the sweatshirt.......
  • asking a million questions about a game I've never before seen.
  • jumping up to cheer, then grabbing Frank because I thought I was falling!
Come to think of it, the best part of the evening from my perspective was being with Frank. Holding his hand; snuggling up close; having him whisper in my ear. Even if he was only explaining the plays. Smile.

Oh yeah, that and the post-game trip to Krispy Kreme just in time for hot glazed doughnuts! A truly resplendent evening.

This morning found me waking from a dream about a precious church member and praying diligently before I could even get fully awake. All part of life in contrast.

Hockey games and bridesmaids dresses.
Baby smiles and dirty diapers.
Fabulous family dinner and unbelievably messy kitchen.
Engagements and transitions.
Laughter and tears.
Joy and sorrow.

Life best lived is in constant motion and contrast. It's how we're geared. It's how we mark the highs and lows. It's just how things are!

I sat with Joy at Shriner's hospital last week and tried to help absorb information she and John will need in about twelve months. Our own situation seemed pretty overwhelming until we took time to observe the other children in the massive waiting area.

Casts, leg braces, missing limbs. Huge smiles, laughter, pink hair bows, loud car sounds. Stark contrast. LIFE!!

Not sure how I got from ice hockey to life issues except for this........
If you find yourself trying to process massive "contrasts" today, be encouraged dear reader. You are NOT alone! Smile.

You probably are simply living life fully. And bear in mind, it's not all as bleak as it may seem nor are the high's the only part to be desired. Life best lived is a blend of it all; every single contrast!

Actually, a friend of mine named Paul said it best, "God works all things together for our good." (There's my whole post in one sentence. No wonder he is a best selling writer! Smile.)

There is help available for us as we navigate and process this journey called LIFE. Our Father. Our Friends. His Word. Prayer.

It's the hand we cling to during uncertain climbs. It's the voice that whispers needed instruction when we don't understand. It's the steadying force when we feel we're falling. It's the hug of compassion when we cry. And the smile of hope when we rejoice.

Contrast is certain. Loneliness is optional.

May your Sabbath be blessed!


  1. I must have missed something...what is it that Joy and John will need in about 12 months that you went with her to Shriner's for? I love your blog Sheri, and check in every day to see what's been goin on. :-)
    Hugs and Blessings,

  2. I, too, must have missed something. What is happening?