Friday, March 11, 2011

Full Friday

Some Fridays we have to work very hard to make it feel like a day off! Smile.

And I'll readily admit to you, dear readers that my thoughts today are incredibly random.

I woke early to the horrible news of the tsunami that has devastated Japan. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people impacted by such tragedy.

But before 9 AM, I had also learned of emotional tsunamis hitting the lives of several people I love and care about so very much.

The Red Cross, the U.N., the military, all the humanitarian aide of the world combined couldn't begin to offer the help/comfort needed by these dear friends.

So, I pray!

Sometimes that seems totally inadequate. My heart hurts with my friends and I want to rush to their aid. Prepare a meal. Fix the situation. Facilitate healing. Beat up an offending party! (Wait, are pastor's wives allowed to say that out loud?! Smile.)


But none of those options are mine. The one thing I can do is talk to the Father about the ones hurting and remind myself of a few important points:
  • He loves them even more than I do!
  • He warned about trouble in this world. But encouraged us to "be of good cheer; I have overcome the world!"
  • He promises to hear when we call!
  • He is the only One able to offer true help/comfort!
  • He constantly watches for opportunities to demonstrate His love!
And when all is said and done, hope is found in thoughts like these.

Frank and I were privileged to meet Rev. Franklin Graham on Wednesday. What an incredible honor just to shake his hand and speak a few words with him.

His countenance was sharp and his voice exuded quiet humility. You just knew, this is a man who understands his role in the kingdom of God.

He has surely seen some of the most horrific conditions of our world. And his upbringing charged him with a desire to help. But even the most compassionate among us can only do so much - the rest is up to God.

This is by no means a license to do nothing!

But real peace is found in doing what we can, then trusting that God will handle the rest with HIS wisdom.

Didn't mean to make this a sermon by any means. However just because I can't go to Japan and wrap a blanket around the shoulders of a broken member of humanity, doesn't mean I have NO way to help.

I can pray! Won't you join me?


  1. Pastor Sheri,

    If I may, there's a song we used to sing at Garden Grove that has been singing through my soul. I've been feeling rather helpless about this whole tsunami situation as well - feeling that perhaps my prayers were somehow, inadequate? The song went something like this, "No other name I know that can calm your fears, and dry your tears, and wipe away the pain . . . when you don't know what else to pray and you can't find the words to say, say the Name."