Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nana-roll Dilemma

Spencer loves being outdoors.

(Just in case you're new to "Embrace the Grace", Spencer would be the first installment of the Schreck-Hawley lineage. Our amazing grandson!)

It has been reported that even when he works up a really good cry - which is rare, I assure you - stepping outdoors silences him almost immediately.

So yesterday it was Nana's turn to employ the "walk-and-jiggle" in the back yard. (No, that isn't a new brand of infant carrier.)

It's the old-fashioned version of comforting. Snuggle crying baby, walk around the yard, sing, bounce, try not to topple over. Repeat until baby gets bored and stops crying. Return baby to sleep-deprived parents who say, "How ever did you manage that?!" Smile.

I've discovered unused muscles that long ago thought they were safely retired. Not anymore!

And I've discovered that God in His foresight provided me with a most useful Nana-roll!

"A what?!" you ask.


(If you're over 50, perhaps you have one as well and just weren't aware of its purpose.)

My Nana-roll is located just above my waste line and is the perfect spot for parking a baby behind upon.

As I worked on my "walk-and-jiggle" form yesterday, I realized that the thing I've despised; the part of my maturing body that I've tried to eradicate; the additional roll of "love" that I've camouflaged, is there for a reason!

Grandmas need these rolls in order to properly snuggle, nurture and spoil their grandchildren.

(I will, however, draw the line when Spencer asks to play with any extra skin around my neck or on the back of my arm. That's just wrong!)

So, I titled this post Nana-roll Dilemma because I'm faced with a real problem.

It's true that I'm now a Nana and very happy in that role. But I'm also soon to be M.O.B. - "Mother of the Bride" again. And you know the kind of dress Diane Keaton wore in the movie Father of the Bride.

Unfortunately, current M.O.B. fashions do NOT make allowances for Nana-rolls! Unless of course I choose some droopy, mu-mu-esque something or other.

I'm walking daily and watching my caloric intake diligently. But while Frank wants a cutsie M.O.B. as his date for the wedding, Spencer needs a regular sort of Nana with the necessary "Nana-roll" intact!

What's a girl to do?!

Any suggestions or thoughts you may have on this topic will be greatly appreciated! Smile.

I'll close with a portion of scripture that was most timely for me early this morning. And as I've pondered it, I felt that there may be one or more readers who would benefit from this same reminder.

"The Lord answered Moses, 'Is the Lord's arm too short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you.' " That's Numbers 11:23, just in case you need to underline it like I did! Have a great day.


  1. I love the Nana-roll! I check several times a day to be sure I don't miss a post. I love you and enjoy being apart of each day with you! Your dilemma well no suggestions as I have the mommy rolls and Sahalia Grace loves them, (unlike her mom).Smile
    All I know is that you will be beautiful in whatever M.O.B. or Nana outfit you chose. Has a date been set? Love you Nana!

  2. Good News...you can have both...just go get yourself some spanx!! While you will have to take short breaths the whole evening, only you and the spanx will know about the "nana-roll"!! ;)

  3. Yes, I have the "roll", too, and it is very helpful for carrying grandson since the rest of me is not quite as strong as 20 years ago with his father! However, I vote for diminishing the "Nana Roll" as it will help keep us healthier and around longer for the little ones (AND help us look even better in pics)! I've found lowering carb intake while upping exercise has worked best for me!