Friday, March 25, 2011

Argument FOR Magazines

My Better Homes and Gardens magazine arrived in the mail this week!

The cover this month sports a bright green background with brilliant pink and white flowers in the foreground. A veritable spring, color-feast for winter-starved eyes.

I know full well that I should transition to a Kindle (or some such) for magazine reading. I'm aware of the arguments against "hard copy" newspapers, newsletters, and so forth.

But every month when my BHG arrives, an uncontrollable smile spreads across my face! Over the next thirty days: I flip the pages, peruse the articles, absorb new ideas.

AND I feel loved.

What?! Wait a minute. How can a magazine make anyone feel loved?

Well, you see, it just so happens that my monthly copy of BHG is a gift from my sweet mother-in-law, Joyce! Mom Hawley has always enjoyed reading magazines. (I think this actually developed because she couldn't say no to the school kids who annually knocked on her door selling them! Smile.)

At any rate, Mom noticed once how much I enjoyed her copies of BHG. That Christmas, she bought an extra subscription as one of my gifts. And a tradition was born.

We've lived in FL for almost six years now. And every month, just like clockwork, a BHG magazine arrives in my mailbox.

Each one is filled with gardening ideas, decorating tips, fabulous recipes, etc. But MY copy contains something more.

Tucked in those colorful pages I find hidden this message, "Sheri, someone in Dunn, NC loves you. This lady has loved you for over thirty years just like one of her own. She wants you to know that on a regular basis."

Can't get that from a Kindle!

I love you too, Mom!

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  1. No you can't get that from a Kindle!

    I loove my Kindle, for books only. I know there are color readers out there...but I enjoy the paper of magazines. Enjoy your BHG!