Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Walk

Isn't it amazing how easily you can become distracted from the project you first begin? (No, I don't think I suffer from attention deficit disorder; I'm just one of those people who is easily distracted.) I've been trying to write this post for two days now but other things keep jumping to the front of the line.

I am happy to report that I am making an attempt to get back into the semblance of an exercise routine. Mostly I'm walking which, in this heat, is a real effort. Thus, the funny story from yesterday.

Frank and I woke early as usual then sat on the back porch, enjoying a cup of coffee and discussing plans for our day off. They probably sounded similar to the plans for your day off: clean the house, mow the yard, minor repairs, wash the dogs and the car, enjoy a meal together, watch a movie until you fall asleep on the couch! Oh the joys of adulthood!

I guess I had been talking about my need to exercise a little more than I thought because although Frank had almost an acre to mow and trim, he suggested that we go walk around Lake Hollingsworth first. (What a good man he is!) This beautiful body of water in Lakeland is completely encircled with a paved walking trail three miles around. Needless to say, it is an exercise Mecca this time of year because of the lake breezes and abundant shade trees.

Although this was our first trek around in several weeks, and although the temperature was already in the mid-90's, we made it in just under an hour. High-fives were definitely in order!! We were congratulating ourselves and really looking forward to the water we had waiting in the car.

For some reason the key Frank had carried didn't seem to work in his door so he came around to my door. Still no luck. The back hatch has no lock. We began to be concerned. He tried his door again, then suddenly realized the full extent of our problem.

When the mechanic replaced our ignition switch prior to vacation, new keys were necessary. Unfortunately, the new keys do NOT work in the old locks of the doors. Consequently, we were at the lake, locked out of our car, with phones INSIDE the car, with all our family at their jobs, looking like we had just walked three miles in FL humidity and smelling like it too!! Not our finest moment!

I accosted the only other person brave enough to be in that hot parking lot mid-day and asked if I could use her phone. She graciously agreed and I dialed Kristin's number (one of only three phone numbers I now have memorized - inexcusable) hoping that she would answer a number she didn't recognize.

She answered cautiously and I quickly laid out the situation and our suggestions for help. Twenty minutes later, one of our adopted daughters (who works in Lakeland) came wheeling into the parking lot to rescue us. Then the marathon really got started.

We rushed her back to work because she was on her lunch hour. Headed back to Winter Haven to get my set of keys. Stopped and put gas in her car. Dashed back to Lake Hollingsworth to pick up our car. Off to her office to return her car and keys.

By this time we were hungry so we whipped into our favorite little Greek gyro spot for lunch. Then we sat by Lake Parker sharing a sandwich and fries, probably consuming more calories than the walk had burned, and laughing at our "leisurely morning" fiasco.

Oh well, at least we were together and laughing. Can't beat that, any day!

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