Thursday, July 29, 2010

Avoiding Chaos

It's no good when I let myself slide too long on posting! That's why I appreciate all those who keep me accountable.

The problem is that I'm trying to be more diligent about walking and that has to happen in the early mornings around here. Heat stroke is no laughing matter in FL these days. When I got home Tuesday morning it was 7:15 and the temperature was already 84 degrees! I'm so confused, it's almost impossible to tell the difference between normal heat and a power surge. Lord help when those hit and I'm not in an air conditioned room or car!

So anyway, the walk takes up my normal posting spot. I've confessed that I'm not excessively gifted with organizing things; I really don't do well with altering the few things I can control about my scheduling. Mess that up and you may find me sitting in the corner starring off into space, muttering quietly, trying to twirl the hair on my head that is entirely too short for twirling!

The young adults in our lives often question us about why we get up so early every morning. I MUST HAVE MY MORNING QUIET TIME OR I AM NOT A NICE PERSON!! (Do all caps indicate yelling in blog-speak? If so, that's what I meant to do. Smile.)

Frank and I both love to get up sometime between 5 and 6 A.M. While this may seem ridiculous to some and noble to others believe me - it's neither. It is simply - Necessary. I recently told a friend that I had to get a jump on the day before the day can jump on me! Smile.

I have a really hysterical story to share from my birthday but I'll have to save that for tomorrow. (You know, the whole "off-schedule" problem which leaves me no real time today.) I have sought my brain for the important message to be found in today's post. There probably isn't one unless it's this. Find a time to find yourself each day. That time makes life more lovely!

P.S. Our precious Amanda called at 6:00 this morning and said, "Grandma Ora has finished her race." What a beautiful way to put it. Oddly enough, I had been lying awake praying for them at just the time Amanda watched her pass into Glory. Ah, the gift in being part of the Body of Christ.

Our love and prayers are with that family in AZ. You can read more about them at Amanda's blog FRAGMENTS. (

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