Friday, July 23, 2010

Much to Appreciate

I'm not quite sure what direction to take with today's post. There are so many things going on and most of them I fear you would find boring. (Besides, how do I top the post of "Great Expectations"?!!!!! Smile.)

But I do have a few friends that keep me accountable if I get slack in my commitment to write- so here I am!

Today brings the blessing of a true day off for us and by nine o' clock we had enjoyed the sunrise; finished devotions; walked the lake; eaten breakfast and prepared a "to do" list. Now, comes the slow-down part. Frank, just back from the chiropractor, is reading; I'm writing; Gracie and Bella are resting and I fear the rest of the "to do" list will suffer. Sometimes ya just gotta breathe!

Tonight we will enjoy another meal with John's family who are down from Poughkeepsie, NY for vacation. His mom, Linda, and I are mirror images of one another in so many ways. We are both credentialed ministers, we're energized by people, enjoy working for a church, love our families, etc. She's a tall, lovely blond (please understand that I'm a tall, lovely blond on the inside). And when she says my name, you KNOW she didn't grow up around these parts. Smile.

She and I have decided that some day we will "tag team preach" and people won't know what hit them. The sermon topic won't really matter; between the drawl and the twang there will be great entertainment! A little something for everyone.

Actually, their family has been an answer to a prayer we started praying over our girls when they were very young. We became acutely aware of the truth in the old saying, "You not only marry the person. You marry their family as well!" So as Frank and I prayed for the girls' spouses, we also prayed that their spouses' families would hold similar beliefs to ours and that we would enjoy being around one another.

The Schrecks have been an answer to that prayer! John really did grow up being drug to church in spite of the snow, wind and rain. He and his three brothers have known what it is to entertain themselves while their parents chat with just one more person after service. They know all the best church hiding spots. They know what it is to help set-up and tear-down for a service happening in the gym; and they grew up knowing how to make that fun.

Consequently, when John became "Pastor John" for our youth group, he already knew how to work hard without complaining. How to be punctual, responsible, reliable; a spiritual leader and self-starter. (No, pastor friends of mine, he is not looking for a new position! Are you kidding?) He was reared just like our girls were; except for the make-up and hair bows and high heels, of course. Smile.

Linda and I spend a lot of time being thankful when we get together. In fact, as wedding plans were moving forward in 2007 we happened to be discussing what music we (the moms) would like hear as we entered the sanctuary. We both requested the song by Wayne Watson, Somewhere in the World Out There. (If I were a more experienced blogger I would include a link to those words right here. Sorry, you'll have to google them for yourself; but they are worth the effort. Smile.)

It was such fun to discover that the song had been significant to both of us when our children were little (even though we didn't know each other at the time). It talks about praying for the spouse they will one day need. "I don't even know your name. But I'm praying for you just the same. Hold on to Jesus, Baby; wherever you are!" Yes, Linda and I couldn't help but cry as we were escorted down the aisle for Joy and John's wedding celebration. We were women living out the joy of answered prayers!


And now, here we are some three years later - still thankful. We shall undoubtedly be the most grateful grandmothers anyone ever saw!! Smile.

Hope your day is especially blessed!

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