Saturday, July 3, 2010

Home Again

Whenever we pull into our driveway after a long trip, someone inevitably will quote, "Home again. Home again, jiggety jig!" (You know from the ancient childhood song, "To market. To market to buy a fat hog. Home again. Home again, jiggety jog. To market. To market to buy a fat piiiiggg. - orchestra swells at this point - Home again. Home again, jiggety jig!" Definitely too much time relaxing and resting. Smile.)

Our nine hour trip became an eleven hour trip because of traffic and rain and accidents - not ours thankfully. Although my "Jedi-driver husband" did help us narrowly avoid being hit by a car that was rear-ended right beside us. Had I been driving, I'm afraid that we would have spent several hours sitting in the rain beside I-95 just north of Jacksonville.

I'm a cautious, plodder-type driver and do not have the quick reflex response technique he was able to employ yesterday; swerving just far enough into the right lane to avoid the skidding SUV on our left while also avoiding the compact car on our right. (The big angels helped too, I'm sure!)

Anyway, pulling into our own little drive yesterday was fulfilling. Seeing the front yard that to us is the most lovely anywhere (thanks Mike for mowing while we were away); smiling at the "welcome home" sign and streamers the girls had on the front door; realizing that our plants, flowers, trees did not die while under the girls' care...... Dorothy was right, there's no place like home!

I even had that sensation we seldom have about our own homes. When I walked into the living room after being away these nine days, I was immediately reminded why we decorated and painted the way we did. Because, I like it! Smile. The fact that the girls had cleaned every little corner was a big bonus. (Of course, that meant we had to put away every single item from vacation as we unloaded the car. Not my favorite part. But a good thing, just the same.)

Even my closet evoked a sigh of contentment because I had taken time to reorganize it just before we left. Ahhhhhh! And Bella and Gracie? Let's just say that if dogs could smile, their grins would truly have been from ear to floppy ear. Bella just kept turning circles around Frank and Gracie isn't content to sit near me, she must be against me now. I should probably be annoyed but her little "Elvis Smile" is too disarming for that.

Kristin and Meagan made it home just before we climbed into our own bed for the night and their hugs were wonderful! We'll garner hugs from everyone else either today or tomorrow at church. Frank was able to hold the remote for his very own television (which is, of course, the modern equivalent of a scepter for most men.)

When I woke this morning, my first thought was of an email I had received just before leaving and I had a small moment of panic wondering if I had indeed forwarded it to the appropriate party. Guess I'm back! Smile.

Today will be spent in preparation for hosting a Fourth of July celebration at our home tomorrow after the HUGE celebration at church. (We're nothing if not patriotic! Smile.)

Frank is making sure that crisp, well-maintained flags are flying all around us. The red, white and blue plates, cups and napkins are purchased. The chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs will be properly prepared. Lawn games, lawn chairs and well......the lawn will all be in place before nightfall.

It's a good thing to be away - see new places, hug old friends, enjoy different experiences, gain refreshed perspective. But it is also good, VERY good to come home.

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