Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Sunday Nap

I would like to submit that there is nothing quite so delectable, delightful nor so delicious as the famed - Sunday Afternoon Nap!! There is a proper sequence that should be carefully followed in order to create the maximum Sunday Afternoon Nap experience. The nap is preceded by the Sunday Morning Services(s) which are immediately followed by Sunday Lunch in order to create the optimum segue.

Yes, it's true that you can nap on other days of the week but that just isn't as satisfying for some reason. Mostly because if you nap on another day, it's because you're sick (no fun) or because you're guilty of stealing time from some project that you should be doing (no joy). Even a Saturday Nap cannot quite compare to the Sunday Afternoon Nap.

As I ponder this truth, I am made to wonder if the major glory of this experience is somehow tied to the fact that historically it was on Sunday afternoons that women usually were able to finally rid themselves of the horrid "industrial strength pantyhose" which had been holding them together for the duration of Sunday School, Sunday service(s), lunch, leisurely chatting, farewell-baby-kissing, etc. (Run-on sentence, I know. But if you've ever experienced the blessed moment of extrication from industrial strength pantyhose then you KNOW that a run-on sentence is merited. Smile.)

Anyway, I think that perhaps the Sunday Afternoon Nap may even qualify for "Sin Status" in some circles where anything pleasurable is frowned upon. Because it does indeed bring such incredible pleasure to the participants.

As for me, I begin to anticipate my nap well before dessert or coffee is served at lunch. (That's due to the fact that right now I'm trying my best to avoid empty calories.) Others at my table ooooo and ahhhhh over the delicacies on their saucers. I begin allowing my mind to wander to the great moment when I'll grab the designated "nap quilt", pull my "sleeping pillow" from behind the decorative pillows, snuggle down under the "nap quilt" and take that deeply satisfying sigh that says - "Come, oh delightful hour of respite!"

Yeah, I don't know if this post is due to the fact that I've been reading a lot from the King James Version of the Bible or if it's because I just really needed a nap today. Either way, I'm sticking by my belief that the Sunday Afternoon Nap is a blessing from Heaven that should be enjoyed by all God's children.

And that concludes my rambling for today! (Julia Child would sign off with "Bon Apetite!" Is there a comparable phrase for "Happy Napping!" ? I'm not sure about that one.)


  1. I do the same thing but on both Sat. (if possible) & Sun. The perfect tiem is 2PM for me.

  2. Sunday afternoon naps are so MARVEL.....OUS