Wednesday, June 30, 2010



This is another new adventure for me in the "wide world of blogging". I'm sitting here in a little coffee shop (Jumpin' Java); dressed in my beach attire (big t-shirt, baggy shorts, and ball cap); trying desperately to not be distracted by all that's going on around me.

But because "people watching" is one of my favorite past times, staying focused is extremely difficult for me. This place is swarming with different! Smile.

The two young ladies manning the shop are adorable in their "young-ness"; using terms like "good vibes" and "karma"; sounding a little like "valley girls"; sporting prominently placed tattoos; and reminding me that I'm not in my 20's any longer. I'm also remembering Frank's words to me as I left the beach house to find some internet service. He gave me a bye kiss, adjusted my ball cap and said, "You're wearing beach attire, Honey. You don't look too bad." Interestingly, I hadn't asked him how I look. Hmmmmmm!

I apologize for not writing more often while we've been away; but lack of service has made it hard. Not that I haven't thought of writing because I definitely have. Even vacation has a rhythm of its own and many of our moments while away have been the sort that just beg to be shared.

I sat last night and thought of all the sounds I'm enjoying this week. (Oh my word! This smoothie I bought in order to not feel like a mooch while using their internet is VERY sweet! Ugh. Sorry, I told you I'm fighting to stay focused. Smile.)

Back to the sounds. For a couple of days, my sister and her family joined us. Two of their children are still young so there were the sounds of little voices, little feet, a little bickering, little kisses every morning and BIG squeeze-hugs. Ah, big family is wonderful! They left on Monday headed back to work.

And although the house itself is quiet now, I've loved sitting and drinking in the symphony happening all around us. There's the gentle cooing of doves morning and evening. The other birds sing, chirp and scold while the morning begins with cool breezes and beautiful colors. We're several blocks from the ocean's edge but we can hear the relentless splash of the surf and smell the salty spray. The porch swing squeaks, a small boat putters by out on the intra-coastal waterway, a door swings open and our next door neighbors speak in hushed tones on their own deck. Later in the day the wind will begin to blow; sometimes with great gusto. Yes, it is a symphony to be experienced!

Of course, I am made to wonder at the truth that this goes on all around me when I'm at home too. Only because the sounds have all become so familiar I tend to tune them out. What a shame!

When we lived here, we became acutely aware that there were really two worlds going on at all times. There was the "vacation world" that involved families and friends who were here for one week a year and tried to pack all the excitement, joy, relaxation, fun and adventure they possibly could into seven short days! (Whew, makes me tired to think of it.) Then there was the "working world" which was comprised of people like ourselves who lived here year-round and had to continue with our routine lives while being sensitive to the fact that seemingly everyone around us was in party mode. Quite the juggling act.

(Well, I'm sure I had perfectly lovely thought that would tie all this rambling together for you friends today. Unfortunately, the radio station which is the selection of the workers here at Jumpin' Java has caused me to completely forget it; all I can hear is something that sounds like their singing about "Single Ladies" - a real toe tapper actually. Smile.)

I'll close out now before my battery dies. Hopefully, we'll be back on track next week.

Oh yeah, I remember now. Take a minute to listen with new ears to the sounds around you today; you just may be surprised at what you learn. I know I'm in a state of surprise right now! Smile.

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  1. Sounds, ah yes! My favorite is the sound of my grandchildren laughing. However yesterday's storm that came through made us listen to the sounds of nature. Power went out and all the usual house noises were silenced leaving just the sounds of the storms, wind blowing and trees swaying. Just another reminder of Who is really in charge!