Friday, June 18, 2010

Encouraging Words

Tonight is the final night of VBS 2010 at Garden Grove Church and what a week this has been.

Many of the children have given their hearts to Jesus, some have been reaffirmed in their commitment and some are talking to us about how to tell others about His love. (Our theme: Walk with Him; Hear His voice; Answer His call; Tell the world.) We should gain a few "neighborhood missionaries" from this one. Ms. Kristin made very clear in the message last night that we each tell someone in our world - that is obeying the call. Definitely do-able!

It has also been fun to watch our "regular attenders." Sisters like Brenna and Brook; Alana and Kylee - cousins like Ethan and William. GGC is part of everyday life for them. These are children who will probably have the same kind of drug problems I had as a teen-ager. I was drug to church on Sunday morning; drug to church on Sunday night; drug to church on Wednesday; drug to church for revival services.......... Smile.

I've often said that I was a church goer before I was even born! (Mom and Dad met in church; Eastside Assembly of God Church was the epicenter of our social existence.) And now, all these many years later, I'm so glad that was my story. It has become the story of my own children. And it appears, will be the story of my grandchildren.

For someone to be saved out of a life of sin is a marvelous thing. But for anyone to be saved from a life of sin is just as miraculous, I believe. So we do our best to provide eternal truth in kid-friendly packaging.

Thus, I or my husband will stand tonight under the slime bucket willingly. (Well, if it ends up being me, I will sort of willingly stand under the bucket. Smile.) Because I saw the sheer delight in Lexie's eyes last night as she excitedly reported that they had brought five visitors to put the girls ahead in points. (Way ahead, I hope!) And because I know that Caleb is making calls, inviting friends in order to help the points on the boys' side.

Perhaps this would be a good time to try and learn how to post pictures with my blog. (Please remember that you are reading the words of a severely techie-handicapped individual.)

There really is great joy for us in knowing that somewhere in that crowd of rowdy children there is one who is being "drug to church" consistently that will very likely grow up to be "just like Ms. Kristin" or "just like Pastor Frank." And that gives me great hope!

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  1. Good morning Sheri- I don't wish anything bad on Frank but I hope it's him who get slimed. Can't think of anything worse. Ugh.
    Have a good week end.