Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Day in the Life

This post is simply for the purpose of pulling back the "lovely lace curtain" that graces the window of a typical pastor's wife's tidy little life. (If you've read this blog more than twice, you are already smiling at the sarcasm spread thick like peanut butter in that sentence.)

Fortunately, the days are long gone when people supposed that pastors only really work one day a week. And our dear congregation tend to have a totally opposite view; regularly encouraging us to take some time to breathe.

While my day yesterday wasn't exactly normal, it did contain elements that could be found in every pastor's day - several days a week - and for some pastors, even more. So I thought you might enjoy a brief recap.

4:00 AM - Wide awake so I'd might as well get up and have some quiet time. Great opportunity for prayer interrupted only by Gracie and Bella.
6:00 AM - Ready to blog! Woo Hoo!
7:20 AM - Opt out of attending minister's breakfast meeting (sent my dad with Frank instead. smile.) Begin gathering ingredients for dinner. (My day to prepare dinner for the VBS team.)
Get dressed, straighten house, make a couple of calls, catch ride to office.
10:00 AM - Meet Judy for trip to Home Depot. (We are putting in a shower at the church to accommodate our upcoming youth missions event; the team will be sleeping at the church.) Ninety minutes spent selecting faucets, lighting fixtures, vanity, etc. (Carefully balancing the three elements critical to any church project: Quality, Appearance, COST!) Thirty minutes spent at service desk waiting p-a-t-i-e-n-t-l-y for someone to verify our tax exemption. AHHGGG!
Third phone call while there, "Sheri, are you guys almost here? The electrician needs those things now!"
12:30 PM - QUICKLY unload everything at the church so Judy can make her next appointment. Return phones calls. Dash across street to spend quality time with my dad over a sandwich. Back to the office.
1:30 PM - Two rather sticky meetings back to back. (Thankful for early morning quiet time! Needed the peace and wisdom from those moments. Smile.)
3:30 PM - Head to kitchen to prepare sloppy joes for dinner. OH NO! Hamburger meet is still frozen!! Okay, stay calm. Order pizza! Electrician says I have the wrong light for the shower area and need to run exchange it. Kristin needs two more items from Wal-mart for VBS and since I'm picking up pizza in 45 minutes can I grab those things too? (Do you hear the music of the 1812 Overture in your head yet?) Spend some quality time with my sister on the phone while running these errands.
4:45 PM - Throw pizza, drinks and some salad elements in the door for the VBS team; dash on to Home Depot for light exchange.
5:10 PM - Run into Leonard who helped us at Home Depot in the morning. He helps me locate the light I need; becomes curious about our project; loves the idea that our youth group will be volunteering in our city; new to the area; looking for a church; will probably visit. (Thank you, Lord for helping me be patient and polite when he was working on our tax exempt info earlier.)
5:50 PM - Throw light at electrician. (Smile.) Run down to the auditorium just after service has started. Participate fully in VBS: Sing, Jump, Clap, Yell, SMILE, High-five, Hug Little Ones, etc., etc.
8:30 PM - Leave early so I can ride home with my dad. Enjoy a can of tuna and a summer tomato! Yuuummm.
10:00 PM - Can't stay awake, fading fast, good-night!

There you have it! Yep, you knew it all along, didn't you? Most pastors have crazy lives just like you do. So, when they announce that they'll be out of town for a few days this summer you can give them a big hug, a knowing smile and tell them to enjoy themselves. Hope your day is blessed!

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