Friday, March 12, 2010

The Very Bad Day!

Yesterday was a "very bad, terrible, nasty, horrible, oh-my-goodness, hope-I-never-have-to-experience-another-one-like-this" kind of day. Yep, it really was just that bad. (It seems that I can almost hear the collective, "Awwww, what happened?" And I appreciate your concern, truly!)

Since you asked, I'll give you the highlights. At 9:50, I was traveling north on Hwy. 17 moving toward a previously scheduled appointment. At approximately 9:57, I arrived at said destination and began walking toward the banquet facility where I was to meet our youth pastor in order to discuss plans for sound and lighting. At exactly 10:00..............(just kidding. I always wondered what it must be like to write for a detective show. Not as much fun as I thought.)

Anyway, basically what happened is this. Around ten-thirty yesterday morning, I discovered that the venue we had selected last January for our upcoming anniversary celebration was probably a no-go. Ten short days before people begin arriving from as far away as MO and TN, I find out that there is a DEFINITE problem with our "contract". I am choosing to spare you the horrid details.

But all in a matter of five short hours: my insides turned to jello as I reread the contract with new perspective and saw that their wording did not mean what our team had interpreted it to mean; I had to call in reinforcements to join me in meeting the event planner; I had to pull it together and lead an intense verbal confrontation (which I hate doing just as much as you do);had to make calls taking responsibility for the mistake; had to make several quick decisions (which I also do not like doing); and finally settled on a totally different venue!

I know that at this point in the post I'm supposed to say something cute, quirky, encouraging; but sometimes those of us who are eternal optimists get on our OWN nerves! (Okay, so that made even me smile.)

It really was a pretty bad day and I learned a lesson that I will share many times in the coming years. Hopefully I can help others avoid the agony, embarrassment and frustration I encountered throughout the day. It was very much like being at the ocean facing the shore when suddenly a huge wave catches you from behind by surprise. One minute you're standing enjoying the sunshine and the next minute you're tumbling in swirling water and don't know which way to push your feet in order to find solid ground.

The good news is this: we lived to tell about it; deeper bonds were formed with the ladies I work with and our team (who jumped in with assistance and encouragement); and I'm hopefully a little smarter this morning than I was yesterday morning.

Kinda funny - when I got up early this morning it was raining hard and we have an eighty per cent chance of rain until tonight; there is no sun coming out today at all. (You know, the theme song of all eternal optimists - "The sun'll come out tomorrow......." Totally ironic! Smile.)

Oh well, it's good to remember that "it came to pass." That's actually one of my favorite promises in the Bible. It's kind of like my life preserver when times are tough. No trouble or difficulty stays forever. Life moves on; things change. Eventually it all comes to pass. (Feel free to use that floatie any time you'd like.)

Time to get moving and see what today holds. One thing is for sure, I have a ninety per cent chance that it will be better than yesterday! Smile.


  1. Sheri, I'm sorry you had such a bad day. It sounds like you handled it with skill, tact, grace, and elan'. And yes, today WILL be better! Or else!

  2. Hi Sheri: I follow Becky Smith and Sarah's blogs and am always on the lookout for blogs where women write about everyday life--good and bad--without all the give-aways, ads, etc. I am really enjoying your writing style.

    Doesn't it just make you furious when you feel so well organized (such as the event you are planning) and then the rug gets pulled out from under you and you are back to square one!!! At least you were able to FIND a new venue so close to the date.

    I am practically a neighbor of yours--in The Villages, Florida and so we got the two days of rain/wind also. And now the cold weather is back, but at least the sun is shining.

    Janet Whichard