Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going Green

The post this morning is not for the squeamish or faint of heart! I have a story to tell that may cause you to want to look away. But the full account must be recorded; so you determine whether or not to click out at this point.

If you have been reading, you are aware that we have a rather big event coming up this week-end. We are celebrating God's faithfulness to this congregation for the past twenty-five years. And if you have ever been involved in the planning of such celebrations you know what a mammoth undertaking they can be. Our entire team has been working hard for months and we are almost there.

This also happens to be the week for "preview days" at Southeastern University which is near our home. So dear, life-time friends from PA flew in last night with two of their daughters in order to explore the possibility of choosing SEU for their future. We are excited to have them staying with us but it also meant that they would be opening my refrigerator.

Now I've already confessed that house-keeping is NOT my strongest gift. In fact, if it weren't a team effort around here we'd be in real trouble. Don't get me wrong. My living room is usually presentable and I learned long ago that if the dishwasher is full, the oven is a perfectly acceptable temporary hiding place for dirty dishes. (Only do not forget that you've utilized that tactic! The story behind that is a whole 'nother post. Smile.)

So, if you're near here and find a car in our driveway, it's okay to knock on the door and visit a while. But never, ever under any circumstances are you invited to open my refrigerator if I did not have prior notice of your visit.

Here's why...........

For many years, we were a home-school family. And in an effort to advance the cause of science and the necessary experiments that enhance learning I have many times offered the use of my own kitchen appliances for said experimentation. (Which is a fancy way of saying what you have surely already guessed.)


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is the naked truth! In our home there is a refrigerator that regularly contains left-over boxes which we have had to start "DATING" in order to know when they came to reside on the top shelf. I have been guilty of keeping condiments up to six months past their "best if used by" date! Many times, there are unidentifiable bits of meat or seriously wilted produce occupying space. And don't even ask me how long the pickle relish has been in there!

Consequently, when we hustled around getting the house ready yesterday morning before leaving for the office, my primary task was cleaning out the refrigerator. And as was indicated by the title, I discovered that we were indeed "going green". Or, should I say, the cream cheese container I pulled from the back corner of the second shelf was going green. (I tried to warn you!)

Oh, the embarrassment! I took off the lid and yelled that deep cry of all women who discover something gross, "Eeeewwwwhhhh!" (You thought you heard something strange yesterday morning, didn't you? Yep, that was me discovering the latest science experiment growing in our private laboratory.)

I immediately tossed the entire container into the trash can - which was sitting conveniently close to the refrigerator door for this very reason. And I was suddenly very thankful! Thankful that even though my life is crazy-busy right now, I had enough sense to pause; take time to clean out said refrigerator; thereby making the gruesome discovery of the green cream cheese myself so it could be properly disposed of before my dear guests were subjected to the uncovering of such ickiness. (Run-on sentence, I know. But totally necessary, don't you think?)

So, why in heaven's name would I "out" myself to all of you dear readers?

Because I was reminded immediately why our quiet time is so important on a daily basis. There are things incubating in each of our lives that need to be discarded before difficulty "opens the door" to our hearts and those unpleasant things are exposed. I would much rather allow the Lord to correct me in private - point out something that should have already been tossed, help me get rid of it, clean that spot. Than to rush on into the day and have the "nastiness of my human nature" discovered by others. Whew!

Yep, we were going green at our house. But thanks to "Gladbags" and some "409 Cleanser" our dear friends will be spared the horror. And I will be spared the embarrassment of being exposed. Now I can offer bagels with confidence and a brand new container of cream cheese!

Did you just remember that you might want to check some expiration dates yourself? Smile!


  1. I have got to get my husband and kids to read this!!! They will be thrilled to know we are not alone in doing our part to support the "Green Movement" Thanks for the laugh, and yeah it was kinda gross but we are used to it. That said I do resolve to do much better with my new fridge I'm getting tomorrow!!! Donna Price-Mayo

  2. I also am guilty of "going green" in my refrigerator. A tip I learned the hard way---if at all possible, ONLY clean out your refrigerator on the day before trash pick-up, especially in the summer. Otherwise, in addition to growing enough Penicillin for a large city, your guests will be asking if there is a landfill/dump near you because of the smell.

    Hope your celebration(s) came off without a hitch!!

  3. You have always had a knack for using ordinary situations and bringing your point home. Aside form running to check out the fridge, I did spend some time asking the Lord to point our areas "growing green" in my own life. Thanks for the reminder!