Monday, March 8, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood! Really?

I suppose that one of the purposes of blogging is to be brave enough to reveal things about ourselves that hopefully others can identify with and thereby form bonds with individuals we haven't met or rarely ever get to see. (Wouldn't it be easier to just pick up the phone? Smile.)

No, because then you could never communicate with anyone under the age of thirty. Their most serious conversations take place via text messaging. I live around people who are able to look me in the eye, listening attentively to every word I'm saying AND text message someone else about an entirely different topic without ever looking down at their phone or failing to respond coherently at the appropriate moment in OUR conversation.


If you ever receive a text message from my phone that is longer than three words, know that I love you immensely because I do NOT love your preferred form of communication. My texting skills are so limited that it can take up to ten minutes for me to find the appropriate keys, accidentally erase them, start over, hit send, scan the "sent message" with a feeling of panic because it's already sent; if I misspelled something and see it now, it's too late for corrections. And for all that effort, what message will I have managed to launch out into cyberspace?

"Thats fine see u soon!"

(Please note my very cool usage of "u" instead of the much longer "you". UmHmm! I thought you'd be impressed. Unfortunately, I have yet to locate the punctuation keys. So I tend to spend long moments contemplating how to say what I want in the shortest possible way avoiding all punctuation except: . ! ? Sigh.)

So, back to the opening of this post - revealing things about ourselves.

This morning I feel it important to confess that I have a few guilty pleasures and one of them is watching the Oscars Awards Ceremony. Whew, that's a big card I just handed to you, hold it carefully. (Borrowed that phrase from a friend. Rather descriptive, don't you think?)

Yes, of course, I keep the remote control handy in case of commentary that starts getting inappropriate or clothing that embarrasses me. (Did y0u see the dress Mariah Carey was "wearing"?) But I do watch at least some of the show almost every year.

My mom loved movie stars and movies; although she never attended any as an adult. She could name every star from her growing up years and regale you with stories about their marriages, children and starring roles. I started out watching the Oscars with her. Sweet memory!

Then several years ago, I saw a commentary which went behind the scenes and revealed exactly what has to happen to all those beautiful women on the red carpet in order for them to stand there looking so exquisite. Let me tell you, after learning about all the preparatory rituals and all the horrid items of tortuous foundational clothing those women must endure I came away with a whole new appreciation for the poor dears.

We use duct tape and chicken wire for entirely different reasons here in the South!

Their pained expression is NOT because they are irritated with the reporter interviewing them. It's because they can hardly breathe, their feet are already screaming, portions of their anatomy are contorted and pinched in ways we would think impossible. And they know that they must spend the next five hours of their lives in this condition while continually smiling lest the camera catch them unawares. Whew!

Makes me thankful that my worst constrictions result from industrial-strength, control top panty-hose which I utilize sparingly. How about you?!

Anyway, as I watched for a while last night, I caught myself wondering about the real people behind the beautiful faces. Were they proud, nervous, lonely, fearful, envious, empty? Because the reality is, they all will wake up at some point today. The make-up artists will be gone. There won't be any designers clamoring for their attention. The cameras will be pointed in a different direction. All the reporters will be busy with a new assignment.

It's just the star and their mirror.

And in that moment, they become just like you and me. People wondering who we really are. People with real relationships that need to be nurtured and no make-up in the world that can remove the flaws of a damaged one. People with hopes, dreams, sorrows and disappointments all rolled together to form a life.

We are all just people reaching for the very same things: family, health, security, a place to belong. Hmmmmm, reminds me why we work so hard at making sure everyone knows about the love Jesus offers. That is REAL help; and no camouflage required in that relationship.

C u soon -


  1. well spoken,
    I can certainly relate to the duct tape and chicken wire... The control top panty-hose? My dearest Sister, "Don't push it ;|
    count me in when it comes to making sure everyone knows about the love of Jesus. My light shines even in the darkest room (Thank-you Jesus)

  2. Great post. Humor and wisdom, all rolled into one. I'm always so excited when I see a new post up!:-)