Friday, March 5, 2010

Teamwork - the Best Work

Thanks to each of you who takes time to read this! As I'm starting to get feed-back it is really encouraging and I have to discipline myself to avoid being on here all the time. Getting to write is the reward now for getting my work done. It's like I see the young moms who say "That's exactly how I felt." or "Thanks, I'm starting a tradition at our house too." And others who let me know that a central thought - "stayed with me all day long." (I didn't really know the appropriate punctuation for that sentence. But I feel sure that Mr. Calbert, my high school English teacher, does NOT read this blog so I'm okay.)

Anyway, thanks for taking time to read and to let me know what encourages you!

You remember all that deliciously leisurely Friday morning stuff I wrote about last week? Well, this week......not so much!!

Later this month, we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Garden Grove Church. And while we've really endeavored to scale back our celebration plans (we opted to drop the fireworks display and skydiving exhibition packages) there is still much to be done.

Frank boldly contacted the national office of the Assemblies of God and invited Dr. George Wood our General Superintendent ( that would be the "head honcho" for those of you unfamiliar with the A/G) to our guest for the week-end.

Now, this man receives literally hundreds of invitations to preach every single week because he is an outstanding leader and a tremendous preacher. We knew the chances of him coming were slim. But Frank figured hey, we're offering him an excuse to come to sunny Florida in March while snow is billowing, freezing wind is whipping and fingertips are falling off in central Missouri.

Unfortunately, he was already scheduled. BUT our national treasurer, Rev. Doug Clay who is ALSO a phenomenal preacher IS coming! WONDERFUL! (Okay, that's enough on the capital letters for a while. If you will read those with extra emphasis, you will hear my little southern self and my genuine excitement.)

So, all that extra information brings me to the crux of today's article. We've been meeting and planning and scrambling and trying to get things ready since last October in order to avoid all out panic when the time for celebration actually arrives. Great plan - not really happening!

You know how it is, no matter how well you plan; no matter how many to-do lists you meticulously prepare and joyfully check off; no matter how many times you say, "in order to avoid any rush"......when it actually comes time to execute the event - THERE IS MAYHEM!!!!!!!

(Yes, I know I said no more caps but this is an all caps morning. My sister used to regularly tell me, "Sheri, your life gives me heartburn!" Hmmmm.)

Enter - the blessing of team!

Now, Frank and I work with amazing teams of people. Our ministry team is young (because we really need their energy, ideas and enthusiasm.) Amanda, John and Joy, Kristin - they are all extremely hard workers who more than carry their weight. And are worth more than their weight in gold to us and to our church. (No, pastor friends. You may NOT offer them a job at your church!)

Our leadership team is wise. Three of the four families on that team are actually charter members of GGC and we have found them to be reliable and trustworthy in every way. They too are hard workers and right there at every turn.

Yesterday was a prime example of how this crew functions. Everyone was running in high gear. Amanda was creating a new brochure, covering the office, finishing her sermon for Harbour. John was installing new machinery, recording giving statements, unfreezing my frozen computer. Joy was using free moments at work to follow-up on students. Frank was working on his sermon, taking calls, raising money for a special surprise related to the anniversary.

We needed back-up.

Ed showed up to install windows with blinds in our baby nursery. Meagan came in to answer phones and prepare service orders. Kristin met Bill at the paint store to purchase paint for updating the toddler room. (Bill couldn't leave that to an amateur so he came over to help for "just a few minutes" which turned into a couple of hours.) Christy, who we didn't even know liked to paint, showed up just in time to outline our mural. Leigh flew in from work and started creating her magic.

And where was Sheri in the midst of all this excitement you may ask? It felt like I should be in the corner rocking back and forth pulling on my right eyebrow. (Actually, Amanda caught me one day this week pulling on both eyebrows at the same time. Whew!)

Needless to say, I was once again being reminded of the blessing of team!

None of us does well functioning as the "Lone Ranger". We weren't created to journey alone. When I try to do things on my own, I end up exhausted and frustrated (which is really just a polite way to say MAD). And for many years, I tried to just carry on; get the job done; focus on the task at hand; suffer in silence.

The problem here is that very few of us ever "suffer in silence". Can I get an amen on that?!

If we will allow them, there are good people all around us who want to help. Caution: they will not do it the exact way you would! (Boy, there's an entire track to follow with that, isn't there?)
But be brave enough to back up and let them help. You will probably be surprised by the great ideas they bring to the table.

(To the young mom readers I confess. Accepting help was especially difficult for me when the girls were little because I already felt so inadequate for the task of rearing productive, emotionally healthy human beings. Take the help! Your husband and your children will thank you. Smile.)

And besides, there is special blessing to be found in working as a team. Mom used to say, "Sorrow divided! Joy multiplied!"

If you can get away, come on down and join us that week-end. You can walk around and say with us, "Look what a team can do!" Gotta run - hope your day is blessed.

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  1. Praying for a wonderful anniversary weekend. Sure wish we could be there, and as ALWAYS (like the caps???) thanks for sharing your heart.