Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wedding Countdown!

THIRTY DAYS!!  That's Four Short Weeks!  (If I enjoyed math even a little bit, I would give you the hours!)

That's all we have until The Wedding! 

I'm intentionally staying very calm.  Working to maintain a perpetual smile.  Nodding my head more often than shaking my head.  Not raising my voice.  (Although I realize that writing in all caps - "THIRTY DAYS!!" - was the blogger equivalent of yelling.  Sorry.)

We really are starting to enjoy the process more than stress about it.  What a blessing!

The bridesmaids dresses all arrived right on time.  The girls tried them on and they are beautiful.  Dresses and girls!

Even more exciting was the day last week when we tried on Kristin's gown!  Well, SHE tried it on. WE reacted when she swept out of the dressing room. 

Squealing, tears, deep contented sighing.......  Her shining face elicited all those responses!

I won't give away anything.  But "Simple; Elegant; Stunning" are descriptive words that come to mind.

Frank was fitted for his suit yesterday between office hours and hospital visits.  Must say that even after thirty-five years, the man still looks good when he's all gussied up!

Flowers are coming together.  Decorations are almost all gathered.  We haven't been able to locate the right shade of deep plum napkins yet.  But they're out there and we will find them.  RSVP's arrive via mail or internet almost daily.  Showers and parties begin this week-end.  Travel arrangements for friends and family are nearly complete.

It's Game On!!

Nothing symbolic or lesson-worthy in today's post.  It's just that as a reader/member of the Embrace the Grace family you're automatically inducted into the Hawley Family Vortex, too.  And as an honorary member of that group - I thought you'd like to know.......


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