Friday, September 12, 2014


It's the fast track now!

For what?  The wedding, of course.  Six short schedule-slammed sunrises & sunsets!  We'll be walking down the aisle!  (I should have just said "Fridays" but that would have ruined the alliteration.  And you know how I love alliteration!) 

I do apologize for the never-ending discussion of wedding and wedding plans.  But this is our last one.  Kristin's only one.  A monumental shift in life for Frank and me.  Thanks for your patience.

Actually, I want to share with you today about a powerful moment that took place for me this week in the middle of all the wedding excitement.

Please remember that Frank and I haven't taken any time off from our own work.  Helping Kristin and Cody plan for their big day happens after hours.

Garden Grove Church is an active, growing congregation with something "extra" happening almost every other day.  We have great teams that lead these "extras."  But we're still in the middle of it all.  Plus sermons and phone calls and meetings and emails and visits..... well, you get the picture.

A veritable whirlwind.

After a full office day yesterday, we had dinner with some folks to discuss GGC missions plans for 2015.  It made my third twelve hour day in a row.

I finally pulled into the driveway at 8:45 and stumbled a little walking up to the door.  (If  neighbors were looking, they may have wondered if I drank more than water with my meal.  Nope, trying to lose weight for the wedding!)

Although I was physically tired, my heart was light.  Why?  Because I had a great encounter with my dearest friend yesterday morning.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week each brought some sort of mini-crisis that had to be addressed.  (Oddly enough, I'm teaching a workshop at a conference next week and my assigned topic?  "Conflict  Resolution"  Can't make that up!)

By the time I threw back the covers at 5:00 AM to face Thursday, I needed some encouragement.  Desperately!  It's bad to feel close to tears as soon as you get out of bed.  But that's where I was.

I headed for the coffee pot which Frank had already prepared.  (All I had to do was push the "Start" button.  He's the original Good, Good Man!)

As I stood waiting for a cup to brew, I felt a strong impression that I should skip my own devotions and watch the Joyce Meyer program.

"How silly!"  I thought.  "Her TV program is the bonus after your own devotions!  Besides, I really need a peaceful morning.  Not another challenge."  (Which is usually what I get when watching her program.)

But the impression turned to an urging.  And I know enough to pay attention when the Lord prompts me that strongly.

So I cuddled my cup of coffee and ambled over to the sofa.  Joyce Meyer was already preaching to a packed auditorium as I tuned in.  Her first words?  "This life is a whirlwind and you need peace!  You can have the peace that Jesus died for you to have!"

Okay, I'm listening!

She went on to preach a wonderful message and I jotted notes on a piece of scrap paper I found lying near me.  These are some of the encouraging phrases I recorded:
  • Peace is a power position.
  • HOLD your peace. (Pursue, Crave, Want Peace)
  • Peace requires - trust, humility, forgiveness
  • Don't spend your life trying to change what you can never change.
  • Let peace be the umpire.
  • What I make happen for others, God will make happen for me.
  • The only thing I can change is ME!
Her message was so life-giving and timely that I tuned in a second time to hear it again.

While getting ready for the office and while driving, I kept rehearsing some of the key phrases.  Pondering the central truth: Christ left His peace for our help.  It's up to us to lean on that peace.

In my bedroom chair sits a pillow that Mom cross-stitched when she was first diagnosed with cancer.  Three simple but profound words call to me (as they did to her) every time I look at it.


Mom discovered that in this whirlwind we call life, Jesus quietly calls.  "Come to me.  I'll give you peace."

And although the storm keeps raging, we stand strong because our hearts are wrapped in His loving arms.

I'm choosing to put myself there today.  How about you?