Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Every Day

"It's all in a day's work!"

Such a simple line that encompasses more variations than "you can shake a stick at!"

If the end of that last sentence brought a quizzical expression to your face - you have no idea what it means - neither do I.  It's just one of those great phrases my southern mom used all the time.  It made sense to her and her delivery made people laugh.  Win/Win!

Part of my "day's work" involves talking.  (Thank heavens there's gainful employment available for people who like to talk!)  The other part, of course, is listening.

I just got off the phone with one of the most beautiful women in our church.  Her name is Florence and she's been a widow for some years.  Her snow white hair frames delicate features that easily break into a smile anytime she sees you.

And Florence SEES everyone around her!

She's been out of church for several weeks.  First knee surgery and recovery.  Now, breathing problems that make the Florida heat unbearable without constant air conditioning. 

I've missed her ready smile, the sincere hug, and being SEEN by Florence.

The purpose of my phone call was to simply offer a few words of encouragement.  Let her know we're thinking of her and praying for her.

She caught me up on the happenings in her life.  I shared with her about the wonderful church services we've been enjoying.

Because she was home alone, I asked if I could just pray for her over the phone?  She eagerly accepted the offer.  My words were uncomplicated.  The requests to our Father, simple.  The time spent praying was actually rather short.  But her sweet voice popped with excitement as together we said, "Amen!"

"Ms. Florence, it felt like we were right in the Throne Room of Heaven as we prayed!" I said with a bit of surprise.

"There wasn't any static on that telephone line, now was there?!" she quipped.  It was easy to envision the beautiful smile.

During our VBS work this summer, the theme kept coming back around to the importance of prayer.  Not the kind of prayer that's intimidating and verbose.  Just the talking-with-a-friend kind of prayer.

The children got it right away.

Only grown-ups can complicate what was intended to be simple.

That brief moment of connection between Ms. Florence, myself, and our Heavenly Father refreshed me.  I'm ready to finish the day and to engage in the prayer service coming later.

The call was intended to be a help to her but I ended up being encouraged as well!

Ms. Florence wasn't lonely as I had suspected.  She had already been talking with the Dearest of Friends.  Getting in on their conversation was a bonus for my work day.

Take a little time and talk with this Friend right now.  I'll bet you'll find out like we did....there's no static on that line! 


  1. Such a wonderful reminder...I needed that! Thanks!! :)

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