Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Good Read

It's pretty rare for me to write a post about a particular scripture.  There's a reason for that.

(Confession time right here!) 

When I'm reading for enjoyment or encouragement, I usually skip over any (okay, almost ALL) scriptures that are written out.  It's a real act of discipline for me to stop and read through whatever passage the writer has quoted.

Nope, there is no quirky truth attached to that confession.  Not a single wonderful illustration to be gleaned.  It's just a character flaw I'm addressing.

But I've exposed the truth about myself because I want to implore you to NOT follow my example right now.

Early this morning, I came across an incredible scripture.  It was one of those "jump off the page" passages.  It gave me such encouragement I've pondered all day long how to share it with you.

It happens to be the last verse of the longest chapter in the Bible.  And since this happens to be the last day of November, I decided to just put it out there.

Please don't skip a single, solitary word!   Here goes:

"I have strayed like a lost sheep.  Seek your servant, for I have not forgotten your commands."  
Psalm 119:176 New International Version

What hope I found in this scripture!

You see, the past few weeks have been rather difficult for me in many ways.  All the spiritual disciplines that normally restore my joy weren't working.  Heaven seemed very quiet when I prayed. My Father seemed far away.

Now as a minister, I would normally have read Psalm 119:176 and thought of those who haven't met Christ yet.  I would have characterized them, in my thinking, as the lost sheep.  I would have paused to pray for them.

But the next phrase, seek your servant, caused me to halt in my reading.  And in that moment I saw.........myself.

Suddenly I was overwhelmed with gratitude to know that when a weary heart calls out to the Creator of this vast universe, "Father, find me."  He comes searching.

(Anytime I've felt that God was quiet or distant, it was usually because He wanted me to come closer to Him.  Closer in my thinking.  Closer in my attitude.  Closer in my actions.)

Right now Spencer loves playing Hide 'n Seek.  His favorite spot to hide is in the tiny closet holding my washer and dryer.  He squeezes in.   Manipulates the folding door to close.  Then calls out in his little sing song voice, "Noni, I hiding.  Find me."

I know right where he is all along.

But with great fanfare I call out,  "Where is Spencer?  Has anyone seen him?"  Then I run to the closet door throw it open wide and sweep his precious frame into my hungry arms.  I kiss his angelic face as he squeals with delight. 

Perhaps you need to hear that the Heavenly Father knows exactly where you are!

If you will simply whisper "Father, find me!" with a genuine heart, He will sweep you into His waiting arms.  And you, my friend, will know true delight.



  1. You're exactly right...A good read! Thank you for the encouraging words, and I pray you be encouraged as you continue to give of yourself liberally to others. Although I haven't spent much time with you, I've seen you in action through your sweet girls/women. They’re amazing. Be blessed/Love you-Big!

    1. Thank you, Char! Nothing could cheer me more! You and Steve have some of that same fruit in Morgan and her precious family.

  2. okay, this one hit me. Thank you, I teared up a little, I needed this today. Love you and miss you tons.

    1. How loved you are, Amberly!! Miss you too - much!