Sunday, November 10, 2013


So this post has one objective only - to talk about Grandchildren!

There's your warning.  But I can also promise that before you finish reading, you'll most likely smile.  And maybe even involuntarily emit a little, "AAWWWW!"

Let's go in order from youngest to oldest.

So first off, news of the young prince, NOAH SMITH!  Noah is growing and glowing. (Although Meagan wishes he would do a little more night time sleeping too.)  Fortunately, she has a couple more weeks of maternity leave.

It seems so odd to be talking about my baby's baby. Who, by the way, is one month old today!

Noah looks mostly like his dad, Nathan.  (Thank heavens Nathan is a handsome guy!)  But he does have Meagan's perfect, pouty lips.  And when those eyes lock on you......well, you're just sunk!  He has that same effect on the other ladies of our church.  So that's not just "Noni Talk"!

Last week I was holding Noah and quietly started singing a little song I sang for him while he was riding around in Mommy's tummy.  He turned that perfect blond head toward my face and did his "eye-lock thing."  It was hard to keep singing around the lump in my throat!

It's wonderful watching Nathan and Meagan as they bond with Noah; making their own precious family!  Deep Contented Sigh!

Next in the line up is the beautiful, ABBY GRACE!  While Poppa and I were in El Salvador, Abby got glasses.  And she wears them with panache!

We're thankful to an optometrist's assistant in our church (Beth) who helped get Abby an appointment with a pediatric specialist.  It was determined that she does indeed need to wear glasses.  So in her typical style, Joy chose the most adorable pair of pink plastic frames that the indestructible section offered.

I wish we had been there to witness it.  But Joy said that when she slipped the completed glasses on, Abby began to look around in amazement!  It was apparent that she was seeing many things for the very first time.

And once we got home, I nearly cried with delight watching her study my face for the first time while wearing the glasses.  It was a connection moment I won't forget.

Some of you may wonder how Joy and John manage to keep glasses on a sixteen month old.  They don't have to, she loves having them on!  The only exception is while they're riding in a car.  She pulls them off and holds them until they get to where ever they're headed.

Her light brown hair has gotten very curly and long enough for Joy to create all manner of adorable dos!  One look at Abby Grace and you gotta smile!  Just can't help yourself!

Finally, the original young prince - SPENCER MATTHEW!  He has just become the little man of the group and he knows his place as "first born!"  He gives instruction to anyone trying to touch Noah without permission.  He makes sure everyone greets Abby too.  He even did a little backseat driving with his Noni last night.

Our big fall festival wrapped up around 8:30.  So I took the Schreck babies home for baths/bedtime while everyone else was cleaning up.  (Obviously, an assignment I didn't mind.)  But it was the first time Noni had driven Mom's car with both Spencer and Abby on board.  The First Born was a bit concerned.

I heard his little voice as he looked out the window, "We're yost!  Oh, no.  Not again.  We're yost!"  (Which being interpreted means he thought we were LOST.)

I tried to comfort my two and a half year old navigator.  But he was certain that Noni didn't know the way to their house.  Even when I arrived safely in the driveway, he continued to give instruction about how to park and where Mommy puts things and how they get baths...........

Last Friday Joy brought them by to see us for a few minutes.  Poppa wasn't feeling his best but Spencer is convinced that a little time with the "frih-bee"  (Frisbee) makes everything better.  So Poppa was trying to muster enough strength to stand in the yard for a while.

Spencer walked around holding the plastic lid of a coffee container; which serves as his frih-bee at our house.  "Ready?"  "Let's play some frih-bee."

Finally I said, "Come on, Spence.  Let's play."

He studied me with all the understanding of a two and a half year old.  "But Noni, you don't feel good."

"I feel well enough to play with you,"  I managed to smile while struggling to get up from the couch.

Spencer tapped his short leg with the makeshift Frisbee.  "You're a good sport, Noni."

That pesky lump showed up in my throat again almost immediately.

And that's the view from the Noni chair.  Thankful I am!


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