Thursday, November 28, 2013

Choosing Thanksgiving

Blessings for your day!

For many readers of Embrace the Grace, this is a normal Thursday just like any other.  But for us in the U.S., it's a day of celebration and gratitude.  (The original significance of this holiday has morphed, certainly.  But aren't special days what we make them?  An international truth!)

And I suppose that's the line of thinking running through my little brunette head this morning.  After coming to the kitchen at 5:00 to make sure the turkeys were thawed, I had ample time to sit and reflect.

(Yes, I did say turkeys plural.  John wanted to try his hand at frying a big bird this year.  Some want a traditional roasted turkey.  Hence, TWO gobblers for our table.)

Before the sun rose, I wrote in my journal:  "Thank you, Father for instituting holidays!  Only You could understand the NEED of human beings for celebration.  Our need to 'look forward' to something.  Our need to reflect and appreciate.  Our need to stand still; change the rhythm; express gratitude; embrace loved ones.  Thank You for teaching us through the original festivals that holidays serve an important role in living."

Recently, I found this statement by John Schindler.  (The rescuer of  hundreds of Jewish children during the Holocaust.)  "Life can be one satisfaction after another if we let it."  Powerful, right?!

For someone reading this, you're anxious about your holiday celebration.  (Or maybe you're reading this after everyone has left and you're sorting through emotions.)  What if the meal doesn't turn out right?  What if Aunt Sally arrives in a foul mood?  What if I haven't planned adequately?  What if some of my guests just don't show up?  What if someone gets angry?  What if......  What if.....  What if.........

May I just say from one worrier to another?  LET life be satisfying!

Glitches happen.  Recipes flop.  Dishes break.  Babies cry.  Siblings argue.

Choose to laugh!  Embrace the joy!  Set the tone!  Allow satisfaction to rule!

"Easy for you to say, Sheri!  Most of your family will gather at your table today.  And it sounds like everyone gets along just fine."

True.  But never judge someone strictly by what you see on the surface.

Several imperfections threaten my sunny skies today, too.  The thing pressing my heart most is an anniversary of loss.  Thanksgiving five years ago was the last opportunity I had to hug my precious mom.  She moved to heaven five days later.    

But shortly my house will fill with loved ones and friends.  I'll hear little voices yelling, "NONI!  Let's play!"  There will be hugs and laughter and fragrances and food!

I'm going to choose thanksgiving!  I'm the only one who can determine my attitude; outlook; emotions.  And for today - I'm choosing thanksgiving!

(Case in point - I completed this post at 8 AM -  just in time for my battery to die.  Then I discovered that I'd left the charger at my office!  Nathan picked it up but posting had to wait until our meal was over.  Perfect illustration!  Smiling!)

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  1. The end of that reminds me of the Thanksgiving we woke up to the toilet had ran all night and overflowed- flooding 1/2 our house :) That was the year I had asked Jesus to teach me the true meaning of Thanksgiving! We were renting that house- I called the landlord & he brought over a shop-vac, he & my husband took care of it all, while I worked out in the kitchen and gave praise to God that I wasn't having to deal with the mess, too. I was truly thankful!! Doris