Monday, December 2, 2013

Together Forever

I haven't looked forward to today.  Today marks five years since my mom moved to Heaven.

There are literally dozens of ways I could describe her to you.  But probably the two best would be:
  •  Loved Jesus Passionately!
  •  Life of Every Party!
Anyone who knew her well is smiling right now saying, "That's the truth!  If Alice wasn't throwing the party, she was keeping it fun."

I pondered several ways to write today.  She must be commemorated.  But she wouldn't want me to be somber and tearful in my writing.  Not Mom!

And when I woke today, the thing to share with you came to me clearly.  I had forgotten until this morning when it is most significant.  Most needed.

Mom had me memorize a lot of scripture.  We spent lots of time working on lengthy passages together; especially before I started attending school.  (No siblings until I was seven allowed for a lot of one on one.)

The very first passage she had me memorize was John 14:1-3.  And I had to smile this morning because it starts out, "Let not your hearts be troubled....."  (Appropriate for today.)

Jesus then went on to tell those listening that His Father was preparing a place where everyone could live together forever.........Heaven.

Because of her relationship with Christ, I KNOW that's where Mom is today. 

She's very much alive.  She's most likely a  member of the "Welcoming Committee."  And she's cheering for us to stay faithful and one day join her.

Certainly she had no idea that instilling those words in her four year old would have such impact for that little girl fifty-one years later.

No, I haven't looked forward to today.  But I CAN look forward to the day we'll all be together, forever in Heaven.

Thanks, Mom!   I love you!



  1. Love this post - as love all of them. I believe my daddy and my husband who went to Jesus 13 years ago - much too young at 53 is in the welcoming committee with your mom. Although my daddy died in the month of April and my husband in the month of June, it is December when I seem to feel the loss so very much and usually in church or when we sing the Christmas Carols. Thanks for sharing. Becky in NC

    1. Ah, Becky. I understand about the music. When music is part of our lives with them, it seems to be the most tender spot without them. The old hymns do that to me. Aren't we all the more thankful for our church families? Praying for you this season.

  2. Ah, Sheri, the perfect time for me to hear that verse. I will hold it in my heart and mind as the weeks and months ahead unfurl. Thank you!

    1. Blessings to you, Guerrina! He is especially near to the broken-hearted. :-)

  3. A beautiful tribute to an exceptional woman. So thankful for her and for the amazing daughter she raised. Hugs to you today . . .

  4. Oh my goodness, Sheri. I couldn't read this without tears and smiles. She was everybody's "cheerleader." I will forever treasure her in my heart. What a role model to anyone who knew her. You are so right. She surely is the lead of the "Welcoming Committee." You were blessed to have such a godly mother. I miss my visits with her.

    1. She loved talking with you, Vonda. I appreciated that you called her so often. Yes, it was a blessing to be her daughter. I know you're missing your own mom and dad this season. Blessings!

  5. Thinking of you today.