Monday, May 6, 2013

Short Spencer Story

This is just one short story that BEGGED to be recorded.

It's about grandson Spencer Matthew.  So if you're overdosed on cute grandkid stories, feel free to click out now.  But you'll love this one - promise!

We usually share family dinner together on Monday nights and don't eat together much otherwise.  But this weekend, John was with family in NY for his brother's college graduation.  (Phil, the brother, leaves on Tuesday for ALASKA where he will serve as a missionary!  Dedicated men, those Schrecks!)

Since John was out of town, Joy and the babies came to our house for Sunday lunch.  Pretty uneventful.  Your average, run-of-the-mill Sunday roast and potatoes from the crock pot.

Average, until I presented a little outfit I'd picked up for Abby.

We tend to make a big deal out of the most mundane things.  So in characteristically, overly-dramatic fashion, I said to Joy, "Close your eyes!  I have a new outfit for Abby.  Keep them closed!!" 

I retrieved the tiny dress and matching bloomers.  "NO PEEKING!!" 

I placed them in front of Joy on the table.  Then called out, "OPEN!"

The normal squealing and ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing resulted.  (It really is the most adorable, pale pink, summery outfit!)

But what followed was the precious part.

Spencer, seated in his high chair next to Poppa, had carefully observed all the excitement.

As the squealing subsided, he began to call out, "Eyes Closed!  EYES CLOSED!!"

I glanced over to see him sitting up straight as an arrow with his own little eyes squeezed tightly shut.


He wanted to join in on the fun and be surprised, too.

"Okay,  Okay.  Keep them closed!  No peeking!"  I frantically searched the kitchen to see what I could possibly place on that tray to merit the excitement building in the heart of that expectant little one.

"Eyes Closed, Noni!"  He declared it again.  Feet swinging with anticipation.

"Good boy.  No Peeking!"  I responded.

Just then, my eyes fell on one of his prized possessions.  His passee!  (That would be pacifier for everyone else.)

I scooped it up and dashed over to stand in front of the upturned, unseeing face.

"Okay," I said in the sing-song voice required by the moment.  "OPEN!!"

Big blue eyes shot open then looked down to see the treasured passee cradled in Noni's hands.   His face registered both surprise and delight.

"PASSEE!!!"  He was ecstatic!  Hands clapping, face beaming, feet stomping.

We all cheered and immediately, tears formed in my eyes.

"Don't you dare cry, Mom!"  Aunt Kristin already sounded choked-up.

"I can't help it!"  And in my heart I wondered,  "Is this how our Father feels when He surprises us with a special kiss from Heaven?"

Oh, may my responses ever be as gratifying to Him!

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