Friday, May 17, 2013

Catch Up!

Abby’s casts are history!

On Wednesday, John, Joy and Abigail Grace made the journey back to Shriner’s hospital in Tampa.  Cast removal is a bit scary for little ones because of the loud saw used. 

But the nurses are always so careful and tender.  The doctors understand that they are dealing with a tiny person.  And Joy said the look on Abby’s face as they massaged her legs for the first time was one of utter ecstasy!

(Most of you will remember that three weeks ago Abby had an extra toe removed from each foot.  The three weeks have flown for us but not for Joy and Abby.) 

When they got home the night after surgery, Abby flashed her trademark smile (albeit a bit drunk looking from the pain meds).  She immediately set about the task of learning how to crawl again.  This time with casts covering both legs - from toes to thighs.

She even mastered her own unique version of stop, drop, and roll.  Sitting all day was not an option for this mobile ten month old. 

So she learned to lean as far to the left as her chubby little frame would allow.  Then in an incredible display of strength and dexterity, she would fling her right leg toward the left and flip her entire body landing on her belly.

After that, “crawling” was a simple maneuver that resembled a soldier on some undercover reconnaissance mission.  But she took it all in stride (pun totally intended) and never quit smiling at all.

By the time they headed back to Tampa, she had nearly worn a hole in the knees of her massive leg covers.   Oh, the resilience of children!

In other news, Frank and I have been away for three days.  We represented our church at the annual state conference.  Such a privilege!

When we first moved here eight years ago, the conference was a bit lonely.  We had been part of the NC conference for twenty-five years.  We knew almost everyone there; in FL we were the newcomers.   

But it never takes Frank long to make friends.  And I guess I’ve acquired his habits.  My sister often teases when I introduce her to people.  “Oh, I met one of Sheri’s thousand best friends today!”  

What can I say?  When you love people – a lot – it shows!

My dad has come for a visit.  He’ll be speaking this Sunday at our church as we mark Pentecost Sunday.  (The year is flying by!)  We’re expecting friends from NC and GA this weekend too.

And before too many more days, SUMMER will arrive.  Game on from there!

Right now, I’m savoring a few quite moments on the patio.

Listening to the wind chimes and the trickle of our koi pond.  A great breeze keeps the bugs confused enough that they aren’t landing.  And the air is full of fragrance from the gardenia and jasmine bushes. 

Ten minutes more and I head out for Noni duty!  No sorrow in that task, I assure you.

So to my “thousand best friends” at Embrace the Grace let me offer a simple, “Happy Spring!  Hope your Pentecost weekend is blessed!”

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