Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ode to Mommies

Mother's Day!

It's right around the corner and I can't let it pass without cheering for every mom out there!

When our daughters were babies, I thought it must surely be the craziest time there could ever be! I prayed hard for wisdom, grace, patience.  And thought that when I got through this season, things would get easier -
  • Then we started homeschooling.  
  • Then we became evangelists and lived in a fifth-wheel camper.  
  • Then they started going off to India and college and getting married. 
  • Then they started making us grandparents.
Moms, learn to pray now.  You won't ever stop, I can assure you!!

Kristin (our first-born) was only four when Meagan (the final) was born.  So the years of diapers and teething and crying and ear aches and runny noses and NO SLEEP carved deep trenches in my life.   Today those trenches contain rivers of compassion for every young mom I meet!

During the early years, Frank and I lived ten hours from my family and six hours from his.  We wouldn't have made it without help given by our wonderful church family.  I still pray blessing from time to time when I think of Rita and Ann and Darlene and Amy and Brenda, Marilyn, Teresa........

They (along with many others) offered help and we accepted - gladly!

Recently, I saw on facebook a post by a young mom who has a toddler and a younger set of twins.  She was connected somehow with a horrible website.  It spouted condemnation for every young mom whose children weren't magazine-cover-ready every minute of the day.

May I just say, people writing such as that aren't really raising children!

When our girls were little, I seldom ever reached the accomplishment level I set for myself.  And feeling condemned about it was counter-productive!

Yes, they got into the dog food.  But they never ate the entire bowl.  WIN!

Yes, they fell and scraped their knees.  But they still have both knees.  WIN!

Yes, they frequently wore mismatched socks.  But they thought it was a fashion statement.  WIN!

Yes, their mother yelled.  But they came to believe a whisper was even more serious.  WIN!

Yes, they argued.  But they had to hug each other afterward.  WIN!

Bottom line is this - I want to offer encouragement to EVERY mother reading.  You have such great influence, no matter what age your children may be.

But I'm especially cheering today for the moms of pre-schoolers!   The little moms trying to potty train.  The mom who hasn't slept in three nights because of a baby's cold.  The mom who has TWO in diapers at the same time.  The mom trying desperately to find something their child will eat besides chicken nuggets and peanut butter jelly sandwiches!

You, my dear, are the hero of the day!  You are influencing our future!  Your job is more important than Warren Buffet's.  Your wealth is greater than Bill Gates'! 

There's an amazing quote that is seldom rehearsed these days.  But its impact remains true:
"The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world!"

The little girls that I worked so hard to keep clean and teach good values may not step into roles of world prominence.  But I will tell you this - they are each impacting their own world in very prominent ways!  And I couldn't be more proud.

Hang in there, kiddo!  Love Jesus in front of your children.  Live as honestly as you can.  Accept help.  Model forgiveness by giving and receiving it.  Watch VeggieTales with them.  Have a picnic on the living room floor.  TAKE A NAP!

Your children will survive your imperfect parenting and you will someday look back on these days as the precious gift they are.  Be present - it goes quickly!

And know that there is an older mom in FL who thinks YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Happy Mother's Day!    


  1. And Happy Mother's Day to you, too, Sheri...and thank you very much for your wishes! God Bless!!
    From a Great-Grandma

  2. Hi forwarded this on to a young mother in my life. Great writing.

    And happiest Mother's Day to you, sweet friend.

  3. Stephanie PrescottMay 16, 2013 at 12:41 PM

    I remember matching socks like it was yesterday! Oh and cleaning out winter clothes to summer clothes! I cherish the memories those were special times! Love you ALL!

    1. What a blessing and help you were, sweet Stephanie! Now you know first-hand why I needed help! :-) Love you too!