Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Glad Announcement!

Wonderful News!

Joyous Declaration!

Delightful Report!

Baby Smith has been identified........... (drum roll please!)

A BOY!  

Meagan knew it in her heart.  Nathan hoped for it.  We're all cheering it!

In October, the Nathan Smith Family will become three with the addition of.............(second drum roll please!)

Mr. Noah Jacksen Smith, Esq.  

(Noni added the esquire part because it just sounds even more dramatic!)

Nathan's smile had no equal as they pulled us together for the great announcement.  Meagan already had the maternal, protective look.  Our cheering and exuberance raised the roof - so to speak.

Both Smiths had made arrangements to go into work late Tuesday so the ultrasound could take place first thing.  They planned to call as they left the doctor's office so we could all congregate and hear the news together.

Texts began flying back and forth when they discovered that a mistake had been made in the scheduling department.  "Ultrasound rescheduled for June 13th!  So disappointed!"  Sad report!

Everyone replied to the mass text with appropriate sentiments of similar disappointment.

Then came another text.  "Doctor wasn't pleased with their mistake.  Ultrasound happening - now!"

I must admit, anticipation built all over again!  We all kept working, waiting for the call.

It's become our habit that the out of state family gets the first call with all life-changing news.  (The Schrecks started this years ago.)  So as soon as they left the office, Meg and Nate were on the phone to NC.

We heard the low rumble of joyful celebration coming from the Outer Banks region!

I almost missed our announcement rendezvous because I was still at the office.  Ten crazy minutes of announcing and cheering and hugging and celebrating.  Then we all scattered like ants returning to work.

Just in case you wondered if my spell check missed the "e" in Jacksen, it didn't.  Meagan and Nathan intentionally chose to spell it with an e.  Spelled with an "o" the name simply means "son of Jack" which, of course, did not meet Smith approval.

They carefully chose Noah Jacksen's name because of it's full meaning:

Noah - Peaceful; Long-lived Comforter.  And Jacksen - God is Gracious.

Meagan explained that the meaning of Noah perfectly represents Nathan's personality to her.  And Nate's middle name (Andrew) also means "God is Gracious."

So while he won't be Nathan Andrew Smith II, he will carry his father's character and heritage in his name.

Words will be a big part of Noah's life.
  • Correction, comfort, consistence will be the words he associates with his parents.  
  • Cuddling, cooing and chocolate will be grandparent words.  
  • Cajoling, climbing and coercing will be the cousin words.  
  • Aunts and uncles will surely add cars, crafts, and cooking to his vocabulary.   
  • While his church family will help congratulate and cheer for each new step
 AND we're all hoping for some curly, blond hair!

Other than that, Noah Jacksen Smith is already perfect in our eyes!

Thanks for celebrating with us!

For great pictures and the Other Grandma view, click here:


  1. Congrats, Grandma Hawley, on your third grand baby. Love you!

    1. Back at you, Grandma Smith! Don't we love being the grandmas?!!

  2. Great big congratulations to the entire family!!!

  3. congratulations to all of you with much love xo

    1. It is indeed a moment of "family" joy! Thanks, Nancy!

  4. WOOHOO!!!!! A boy! Congratulations to all!!

    1. You know all about those perfect grandsons, don't you? :-) Thanks!

  5. Great post! Yowsa!

    Steve Smith

  6. WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Congratulations to all!