Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'm attempting to write the fastest blog I've ever produced.

Daphne Gray-Grant says, "Just type. Don't stop and edit. Just keep typing until the thought is done. Then you can correct."

Truth be known, I think editing does slow me down. (And causes great aching in my fore-arm from all the back spacing necessary to correct the plethora of errors!)

So today, because I've not been writing much due to serious time constraints, I shall write as quickly as possible before my next appointment in an attempt to create something worth reading in under two hours! (I think that was probably a pretty substantial run-on sentence but I can't stop to find out. Must. Keep. Writing!)

When we think about doing things in a rapid fashion, our family always laughs because of a sermon fauxpas made by Frank in our early ministry years.

Did I mention that we were VERY young when this error occurred? Early twenties; had only been pastoring about three years; still trying to get the flow of thinking, editing thoughts, preaching thoughts so others can grasp them.

So Frank was presenting a great message on how personal God is. God cares about the issues of our lives and hears our prayers. Frank wanted to convey the truth that God is able to make changes occur in a split second.

He had already said that God comes on the scene in a rapid fashion. But as most great preachers, he needed to re-iterate the truth. So his mind quickly scanned his personal thesaurus.

"Faster than rapid. More rapid? No. Rapider? No! What's a word meaning faster than rapid?" His thoughts flew!

And his mouth said, "God comes on the scene with great......... With great............ RAPISSCITY!!"

Just as quickly as his mouth uttered this split-second-old word, he knew it was most assuredly not the word he'd been looking for!

Several of us had the "Jaw Drop/Gasp" reaction.

One dear saint dropped her head to begin praying for her pastor.

And one honest guy in the very back simply burst out laughing and literally fell to his knees. (That's one way to get the whole congregation praying. I guess.)

So while it was indeed my intention to write this post in a fashion faster than rapid, I'm not quite sure I got to the "rapisscity" level! (How odd. My computer keeps underlining that word for some reason.)

Here's hoping the heavenly Father comes onto the scene of your personal situation today with great.................... With great...................... Certainty!

Yep, I'm a chicken!