Monday, January 2, 2012

All Things New

Happy New Year to YOU!

Aren't fresh starts a wonderful part of life? I love that God implemented the concept. The old year passes away and, viola - new beginning!

If only we allowed ourselves the blessing of "starting over" the way He does.

Our church begins each year with a corporate time of fasting and special prayer. Frank never dictates what anyone should fast. (We even encourage technology fasts for our under thirty folks. Skipping Facebook, X-Box, or television creates a lot of extra time for prayer!)

And this year we decided to meet whoever wants to join us for an old fashioned prayer meeting from 6:30-7:30 A.M. That would be in the early morning time! (Did I miss the staff meeting when that time was set?!)

Frank isn't pushing us beyond human limits. This prayer meeting runs Tuesday through Friday of the first week only.

Most congregants typically agree in prayer from their homes.

So this morning Kristin and I opted for jeans, sweatshirts, tennis shoes and no makeup. God looks on the heart, right?

Can you imagine my great surprise when we wheeled into the parking lot to discover multiple cars? Almost fifteen people had gathered in the auditorium; ready to meet with The Maker!

(Oh me, of little faith!)

I usually walk and pray; helps me stay focused. As I slowly traced the familiar path, I couldn't help expressing my thankfulness. Such dear friends who had denied themselves extra sleep so they could join us in seeking heaven for the coming year.

The whisper came to my heart quietly but very clear, "Starting well is so important!"

Not one person there had a guarantee they would be able to attend every single morning. All of us knew that if we hoped to fast anything for the full twenty-one days, we would need divine assistance. No one prayed exactly like anyone else. But we were there. We had made a start of it.

I over-complicate and worry about things so often.
  • I worry about doing things perfectly.
  • I worry about the outcome.
  • I even worry about how long I'll be able to keep going.
  • But I should.............Just START!

New beginnings somehow bring their own incredible energy. Pushing us toward accomplishment.

I dare say there are untold dreams swirling in your heart as you read this post.

Let 2012 be the year!

Throw caution to the wind! Stop worrying. Pondering. Reasoning. Making excuses. Just Start!

I feel sure that the One who created the concept of fresh beginnings is just waiting for you (and me) to launch out into the unknown. And He provides Divine Assistance we never could have accounted for.

Can't wait to hear what exciting new beginning you've chosen!

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  1. Happy New Year, Sheri! My church is doing the fast/prayer as well! However, we're starting 6:30 PM! Am I there tonight? Obviously, not. However, God's graced me with 4 more nights! May this year be a year of Jubilee for us all!