Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's Real

You must read this book!

I seldom make demanding statements in this blog and I can't remember ever doing a book review. But I'm currently reading a book that is such an encouragement to me, I just had to share.

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo is a must read for every Christian. And especially for every Christian who has lost a loved one. The book is the story of the Burpo's son, Colton.......well, they say it best. "A little boy's astounding story of his trip to Heaven and back."

When Colton was three, doctors misdiagnosed a burst appendix and the little boy had a death-like experience. He was able to give complete and accurate details about things he had no way of knowing if his claim of going to Heaven wasn't true.

The simplicity of the writing makes it an easy read. The powerful truth revealed; the many sign posts pointing to a literal after-life; the confirmation of all I've believed and hoped about Heaven; makes the story profound.

Mom's birthday, last Monday, brought a lot of reflection. It's so true that no matter what your relationship may have been with your parent, you will miss them when they're gone. And I was told that you always will. I'm beginning to believe that, too.

So this little book is quite timely for me.

Over the course of a couple of years, Colton matter-of-factually reported many elements of the "trip" he experienced. Jesus was the first person he saw. (Frank has always told the grieving, "When a believer closes their eyes to this world, they open them to the face of Jesus.")

No one was old. It never gets dark in Heaven. John the Baptist was nice. Jesus died on the cross so everyone could come see His Dad in Heaven.

After reading a few more chapters the other night, I went into the garage where Frank was working and just laid my head on his shoulder to cry a bit.

Mom is experiencing so many amazing things! She has gotten there ahead of us and is more alive now than she's ever been. I wouldn't ask for her to come back for anything. But I still miss her being here with us.

Reality, bitter sweet at best.

The good news? The baby we lost years ago is waiting for us. The baby John and Joy lost just after Mom died is probably hanging out with "Mema". And best of all, this Jesus we've trusted and lived for will be there to greet us when we get to our eternal home.

Now that's a hope that will carry you into Sunday!

PS - Special thanks to Sue G for her endearing comments on the post about Frank's b-day. It's amazing how "connected" we all feel through this medium of blogging. I'm honored to have the privilege of inviting you to journey with us. Can't wait to meet each one personally, even if it is in our "Heavenly Home"! Blessings!


  1. I just finished that book, a wonderful, beautiful read. Makes my heart happy to have a little glimpse of heaven. I do believe but reading that book and little Colton's innocent recalls answers some of my questions. I recommend it to anyone!

  2. One of my all-time favorite books! I imagine with the wedding planning and a very active life in the ministry that it took you this long to get around to reading it...but, given the timing of it, it's just perfect!!! I am so glad you are reading it and enjoying it and sharing it and being comforted and assured by it.

    Ok, I'm done. Go back to reading.

  3. Sheri
    I've seen Heaven is For Real for Kids.. but, didn't realize there was one for big folks, too.
    Two weeks ago my Goddaughter and her husband's full term 8 pound baby was (as they said in his funeral) "born asleep". I think I'll check out both versions of the book (they have a 2 year old daughter), to see if they might like to read them, too.

    I'm glad I read your comments. Mrs Pam

  4. I live in Nebraska. Last fall at a softball tournament, my daughter and her team met a sister of the little boy in the book! It was such a blessing. My son had just read the book a few months before and my daughter had as well (the only book I have ever seen her read cover to cover), so the others borrowed it and some went to the library. What a special ministry that boy has!

  5. I, too, read the book and you're correct...every christian should read it! Absolutely fasinating!

  6. nancy irving, toronto, ontario, canadaJanuary 30, 2012 at 9:01 AM

    went out right away and bought it for my ipad, just started reading it and so far love it. thank you for the recommendation.

  7. nancy irving, toronto, ontario, canadaJanuary 30, 2012 at 1:05 PM

    I just started the book this morning, and I couldn't put it down. Thank you Sheri for telling me about the book, I just finished it and it sure did open my eyes and my heart. I shed some tears and had some smiles, but most of all it opened my heart. I don't know how to thank you.

  8. Sheri I thought this was kind of eerie as I'm reading the same book. Then I read the comment section & we're not alone. I plan to pass it along to some of our relatives.

  9. I lost a baby at nine weeks, and have often wondered if he or she will be waiting for me in heaven. This book brought me such comfort that I will be able to hold my baby one day! I have a boy and girl name already picked out for this precious one.

  10. Happy to hear you enjoyed the book! I'm from the same small town in Nebraska! Very nice family!!
    I'll be sending prayers to Spencer that all goes well with surgery!