Monday, January 16, 2012

Quite Right

I love all things English!

English tea. English literature. English gardens. English movies. English humour. (Spelled with a "u" because it's English, of course.)

Yesterday provided me an opportunity to experience delightfully decadent doses of English-ness.

We were privileged to host Dr. Alex Mitala of Uganda for the weekend. A powerful influence for God in his nation, Dr. Mitala oversees some 20,000 churches. Most of these he has helped launch.

Because Uganda was a British protectorate until recent years, Dr. Mitala also speaks perfect English. His thick British accent caused us to say, "Pardon me?" rather often. But spending time with him was a special treat.

He spoke for our Sunday morning service - powerful message. Then "Team Hawley" jumped into high gear to make lunch happen at our house.

(Special thanks to Ashley who dashed home making SURE I hadn't started a grease fire with the chicken in the oven. And to Amanda K. who quietly created Greek salad while the lunch preparation tornado swirled all around her.)

Dr. Mitala graciously answered every question ever conceived by Americans wanting information about Ugandan culture and church planting. (Inquisitive people.) Then he prayed blessing over our home and families.

Serving hot tea in my Country Roses teapot ranked right up there with the other highlights. After everything had been washed, dried, put away, the girls and I enjoyed one more cup of tea sitting around the table. (Yes, I'm still fasting tea; so I drank water. Vicarious living falls painfully short. I'm looking forward to next Sunday when the fast ends!)

Once everyone departed, I plopped on the loveseat and flipped to the PBS channel. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but Sense and Sensibility, oh my dear!

I seldom ever sit still long enough to watch an entire movie. But this had only ninety minutes left and I knew I'd fall asleep.

Instead, I watched every single, soul-stirring moment of the tangled web surrounding Eleanor, Mary Ann, Willoughby (the cad!), Edward (the handsome), and the Colonel (so long-suffering). Deep contented sigh.

Frank made it home from transporting Dr. Mitala to his next ministry spot. So we snuggled on the couch while he caught highlights from the days' football games.

After learning the scores, Frank did something incredible. Something selfless and noble. Something one would only expect from the romantic hero of a Jane Austin novel.

He turned the TV back to PBS and voluntarily watched Downton Abbey with me! Not asleep; fully engaged and asking questions about the plot. No wonder I keep falling in love with this guy!

As our English friends would say, "Brilliant! Quite Brilliant!"

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