Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's the Use?

Are garages for cars or for STUFF?

This simple question has perplexed me for many years now. True, I'm easily entertained. But I've found the various methods for parking cars in home garages rather interesting:

  • There's the tennis ball method. Savvy home-owners suspend a brightly colored tennis ball from the ceiling by a string. Once the meticulously placed orb taps the windshield, the driver is alerted. They have now reached the exact spot that will allow for parking AND closing the massive door.
  • There's the tire-tap method. Less motivated home-owners place a log or board in the middle of the garage floor. The driver pulls into the garage inching forward until they tap the wooden warning system. At this point they stomp on the brakes.
  • There's the retiree method. This home-owner, a recently retired, former CEO has far too much time on his hands. He listens attentively for the opening of the garage door at which time he hits mute on the re-run of "The Waltons" and dashes to the garage. He begins motioning and yelling until his poor, flustered wife throws the car in park, steps out and invites him to park it where he wants it!
I've observed several other fail-safe methods for avoiding the creation of a "rear exit doorway" the size of your sedan. These are just my three favorites.

A walk around our neighborhood this evening brought this controversy back to mind. I started noticing how many of our neighbors use their garage for parking and how many (like us) feel that the main purpose of a garage is to serve as a treasure chest for grown-ups.

The big shocker came for me the year after we moved into our current home. Our house sits opposite a young family with two little boys. They park their car and several motorized toys in their garage. They are garage-utilizing heroes!

It took twelve months for me to discover their secret - a three hundred square foot storage unit behind their home. Must admit, I felt slightly justified. Smile.

And so as I write this odd little post, I think of the bountiful blessings bursting forth from our barage. Oops - I meant garage. (Too much alliteration!)

My curiosity is piqued. What's the use of your garage? Parking or Storing? I look forward to hearing from you.............


  1. Well let me first say this my dad is a pack rat. He saves anything and everything - okay not everything but well almost. We have a full size 2 car garage - the front part is filled with "stuff" - from barn stuff (we have animals) to power tools (dad was a carpenter). We have two cars tucked away. Then we have the wagon shed (which is NOT holding a wagon) - it is actually filled with more stuff and a lawn mower. :)

    The extra space is great however I am declutterfying (is that a word) the house and garage a little a time. :)

    Susie :)

  2. This made me laugh as I can relate to both the parking tricks and the storage of stuff or cars. My Dad has always had something hanging from the ceiling to stop the driver, maybe because my brother almost put the freezer thru the wall, into the house, when he was younger! :) Now my husband has so much "stuff" in the garage, a 3 stall garage mind you, that our cars sit outside all summer! We live in Minnesota so we make room for our cars in the winter which involves a few days of cleaning and sorting. You should see us run around in the summer if we hear hail is in the forecast. I am just thankful my husband has this space otherwise it would all be in the house! :)

  3. Well....sadly I don't have this issue...I have no garage...but I'd LIKE to have this problem!


  4. I don't have is problem either...but if anyone with like to build my one...I would be great. If I had one my car would go in it. (I hope)

    God Bless,

  5. We have a two-car garage off the alley behind our house. It is home to two cars, DH's workbench, and enough parts to build another car. Since we live in an urban area, we have no driveway - our other three(yes - that makes five!) cars live on the street in front of our house.

    Yes, we drive them all.

    We also have car parts in our basement, and very little else (suitcases, Christmas decorations, camping equipment, laundry area). I hate clutter and am constantly purging storage areas. :)

    Stefanie in St. Louis (via Becky's blog)