Friday, September 30, 2011

The Best

Have you ever heard the song that starts, "Life's simple pleasures are the best....."? It had a catchy, easy melody line and was popular in the 70's. I thought it was a song by B.J. Thomas or maybe even an early Barry Manilow.

Not So!

I googled the little number to identify the artist. Come to find out, it was actually a commercial jingle written for - are you ready for this, Van Camp's Pork and Beans!

(Yes, I'm laughing out loud. Those of you over 40 should google it too. It will definitely take you right back to the days of mini skirts, maxi dresses, bell bottoms, big hair and whatever else marked the 70's for you!)

"Life's simple pleasures are the best! All the little things that make you smile and glow....all the things you know."

I sang it constantly as a teenager. And I've sung it through the years or quoted it at times that were both appropriate and in-appropriate. Mostly because I'm just geared that way!

But as I prepared to write today, the truth of the little song just kept pressing to the front of my thinking. So I thought I'd record a few of the simple pleasures that make me most happy.

Simple Pleasures for Sheri:
  • Finding the timeless dress I tried on in June on the sale rack in September for 75% off!
  • Feeling a cool breeze on my face that just says, "You're alive! Be appreciative!"
  • Putting away the last article of clean laundry.
  • Comfortable pj's and fresh sheets.
  • A genuine, unexpected hug.
  • Spencer's recognition smile! "Oh, it's you, Nana! Hi!"
  • Holding hands.
  • Gracie (or even Bella) snuggling close, then sighing contentedly.
  • Everyone at the dinner table laughing and talking over one another.
  • Delivering a sermon that causes someone to nod with understanding.
  • A good cup of hot tea!
  • Crafting the perfect to do list; then crossing off the final item.
  • Having my favorite coffee cup and tea cup in the cabinet on the same morning. (They often end up in the car traveling to or from the office.)
  • Seasonal smells - fresh cut grass, burning leaves, apple cider.
  • A bowl of vegetable soup while snowed in. (A throw back to NC days.)
  • Laughing with a friend.
  • Catching a brilliant sunrise or sunset.
  • Holding hands, hugging, snuggling. (They bear repeating.)
Monday afternoon I drove home from the office completely exhausted! It had been a long day and I knew I was coming home to a messy house. (Insert major amounts of sighing here.)

Imagine my shock and surprise when I walked into a house that had apparently been visited by a cleaning genie! Everything was put away; dusted; organized; vacuumed or swept.

The effect was crowned by a bouquet of fresh fall flowers that graced the dining room table.

Apparently Kristin had come home with the two year old she nannies and decided to leave a surprise for Mom. (With three adults in the house, we all have our areas of cleaning responsibility. Kristin's is seldom ever out of order. My tasks are a little different story.)

Such a simple gift. So lavishly given. So greatly appreciated.

What are the simple pleasures that are best in your life? They matter. Be sure to mark them.

(And, I'd love to hear about a few.)


  1. My favorite simple pleasure is when my grandson reaches out his arms for me to take him. Once I have him, he has a habit of putting his head on my shoulder and then reaching around and playing with my hair.

  2. Right now my favorite simple pleasure would be WALKING. I had extensive hip surgery three months ago and am still not walking. Part of the reason is the surgery itself. And part of it is the fact that during the surgery one of the nerves that fires to my leg and foot took exception to being moved out of the way and now it refuses to fire and work that foot! So drop foot and all, I am wanting to walk again and get back in the car to drive myself around and do my own grocery shopping...etc. Just the simple pleasures.

  3. But do you have any idea on earth who sang the song in the commercial, or who the announcer was. I think the announcer sounds like Pat Boone for some reason, but I don't know who the singer is. I actually wondered about Bobby Darrin or Paul Anka. I've obsessed over this for a week now since someone at our office in Louisville, KY started singing it last week. I came home and found all 20 versions of the commercial on 1 single YouTube post, you should check it out. I think the simple pleasures are redescovering things you'd all but forgotten, like this jingle! That one get's my vote as the most enjoyable "simple pleasure". Post something if you know who sang it or who was the announcer. THANKS