Thursday, September 29, 2011

A First

Resplendent! No other word to describe it - the evening was simply Resplendent!

(Some of you already know that one of my favorite words in the English language is "resplendent". But I use it sparingly in order to savor its specialness. Somewhat like visiting Cheesecake Factory or going on a dress up date. Or going on a dress up date TO Cheesecake Factory!! But I digress.)

To what marvelous occurrence would I be referring?

Joy asked if I could babysit Spencer on Tuesday evening!

I know, sounds rather anti-climactic but wait. It was the very first time EVER for Nana and the Young Prince to spend an evening alone!

No Poppa. No Mom or Dad. Not even a single adoring aunt.

Just Nana and the boy!

I was giddy with excitement and more than a little nervous. But the evening was a smashing success! And I sincerely hope for an encore performance.

He'll be eight months old next week. (I know, I can't believe it either.) And he just keeps finding new ways to capture a heart that already belongs solely to him. (Uh, that would be mine!)

When those huge blue eyes lock on to my brown ones and his little face lights up with unfettered delight, I become a veritable puddle of, of..............well, there just isn't a word descriptive enough!

Joy dropped him by around 5:45; along with all the necessary child-care items. Car seat. Stroller. Booster seat. Diaper Bag. Toys. Special food. Sippy cup. Rubberized spoon. She handles motherhood with such ease! Which is also why there have been so few baby-sitting opportunities.

She gave instruction. Kissed the boy. And took off for her meeting.

Spencer sat propped in the smushie corner of my leather couch like some land mogul. He looked up at me; flashed a grin that could light Orlando. And we were on!

We talked. We sat outside on the swing. We greeted the neighbors. We ate dinner. We read. We went for a stroller ride. We jiggled in the car seat until we fell asleep. Then we almost created a dog rug when Bella started barking and woke the sleeping baby!

And mostly - we sang!

Joy and John must sing to him all the time. It doesn't matter how dissatisfied he may be. How sleepy. How hungry. How wet. How bored. How uncomfortable. Start singing and he'll flash that show-stopping smile every time!

(In moments of severe distress, the smile will appear only for a second. But no matter how briefly, you can count on seeing it. One more mark to his grandparents of extreme brilliance! Isn't that true, Linda?)

I must mention that the first baby-sitting honor went to the NY grands - John and Linda. Joy and John try to give them as many "firsts" as possible since they live so far away. And we cheer that policy exuberantly!

I didn't get any pictures. Not enough time.

And the evening was over far too quickly. But there was no choking. No crying that couldn't be quelled. No severe trauma of any sort. So I guess we did okay.

And I don't need a Polaroid-anything to help picture this event again and again. Such resplendence creates its own "heart picture" that lives forever!

Huge, contented Sigh!


  1. Nana-hood agrees with you!! Sighing resplendently with you...with a NY accent!

  2. Also sighing with you as the future co-grandmother!

    Sounds like an absolutely perfect (and therapeutic) evening.

    Love you!