Monday, June 27, 2011

Testimony Time

Will you be joining us on the 23rd of July?

Meagan and I carefully counted this morning and realized that if we don't count the wedding day itself, we are now at 25 days! You heard me right, only 25 more days until the wondrous event.

Now, that probably does not elicit the quivering in your mid-section that it does in mine. But then, you probably aren't looking at a frilly, white doily "To Do List" like mine either. Smile.

So many things have fallen into place so easily. The church. The cake. The reception location. The invitations (going out tomorrow morning.) THE DRESS!!!

I don't think we've been in a false sense of calm............but there is a definite pedal-to-the-metal-urgency about the next two weeks.

I forgot to share with you a great wedding testimony. One of many that Nathan and Meagan will rehearse for their children in years to come.

This one is about the MOB dress. (That would be mother of the bride. Smile.)

Frank went with me to scope out possibilities about three weeks ago. Dillard's just happened to be having a terrific sale on (drum roll please) finer dresses. I'm not sure how those compare to not so fine dresses but that's what they said.

I tried on multiple styles in multiple sizes due to the mid-section I mentioned earlier. Sigh.

A gorgeous, royal blue number caught my eye. It flowed beautifully and although it had very little bling, it did have lots of meticulous detailing. It zipped effortlessly and would only need to be hemmed to qualify as a perfect fit.

But alas, it did not have the appropriate sticker. The one signaling: "SALE".

Each selection had to pass the eyebrow test.

You know. The test that requires the wearer to come out of the dressing room; do a little pirouette in front of the observing husband; then turn quickly to catch his first response.

For me, it's always been imperative that the look of the dress cause Frank's eyebrows to go up. When that happens, the dress is a KEEPER! Smile.

The eyebrow test okay-ed three different dresses. Of course, the royal blue was one of them. That has always been a good color for me.

I mentioned to the lady helping me that it didn't have a mark-down sticker.

"No," she answered patiently. "This one wouldn't."

"Of course not" I sighed. And at $220.00, it did NOT fit in the MOB budget.

At the last moment I asked, "Would you just scan that ticket for me, please? You know, just in case." I chuckled and started gathering my things. The other dresses were lovely too and one of them would do just fine I reasoned.

"OH!" It was the sales lady.

"Oh, MY!" she sounded quite startled. "Oh my GOODNESS!"

I turned toward her.

"This dress has missed three mark-downs! I can't imagine how that happened!" She was checking again.

I waited quietly until she looked up. With shocked, disbelief she reported, "This dress is marked down to $54.00!"

"I'LL TAKE IT!!" I hadn't intended to shout; it just kinda happened. Smile. "The Lord must have been hiding it just for me!" My enthusiasm was contagious.

"Well, I guess He was" she replied with a big smile.

So now, the beautiful royal blue kiss from heaven dress is at the alterations shop being hemmed. And on July 23rd, I'll have a secret hug from my heavenly father to keep me encouraged. Isn't that just like Him?!


  1. absolutely wonderful! I love the ways of the Father, and I love hearing Meagan and Nathan stories!

    Sheila from St. Louis (came over from Becky's site)

  2. Ooooh! Love that story! I'm heading out to look for a MOG dress later this week. Of course, my first wish is to find one at a consignment store but I guess I'll have to try a few "real" stores, too!


  3. I love finding a bargain...and I do believe the Lord was taking care of you.

    Cindy in Tennessee (found your site thru Becky's...and love them both)

  4. Great story and love the color. (Friend and follower of Becky's site.) I am so happy for Meagan and Nathan. I pray God will bless with a wonderful ceremony and great, Christ-centered life together.

  5. WOW! How awesome is that? He is the God of little things, too ~ we know that, but it's so nice to be reminded ~ especially when it means 75% off!

  6. Love it! I love when God does things like that! I'm sure everyone will look beautiful, I can't wait to see the pictures! (I'm sure Spencer will have a cute little number on too)