Thursday, June 23, 2011

Centerpiece Idea

I've been writing this post for three days - in my head!

With almost 30 days til the wedding (AAGGGHHHH!) my life isn't really my own. But we're making it; balancing the tears with laughter all along the way.

My topic choice is late. But it also seemed to be very important that I write this. So, thanks for bearing with my choice to ignore "time-sensitive-blogging-etiquette."

Because there were so many things going on this past weekend, we opted to celebrate Father's Day on Saturday. Just worked better for our crew.

Meagan took on the task of preparing the table; a very big part of Hawley celebrations. I was cooking. And everyone else came skidding in on two tires just in time for the meal (and the clean-up afterward. Smile.)

Kristin usually decorates our festive tables and Meagan felt a little lost. Then this great idea hit her.

"Mom," she said. "What's one object that would describe Dad to you?"

"I'm not following you," I was busy trying to force the chicken to boil faster!

"You know," she insisted. "Just one object that would make you think of Dad. Something that describes him."

"Oh, okay. I'm with you now." I put down the spoon. (After licking it, of course.) "Um, I'd say a book. Yes, definitely I'd describe him with a book because he's always loved to read."

Next thing I knew, she was on the phone to her sisters and brother to get their input.

The result was a centerpiece we will use again in our celebrating. Thought you might like to use the idea as well.

When we gathered to eat, the center of the table was adorned with the following items representing Frank Hawley:
  • A pair of weights: Dad is the strength of our family.
  • A book: Dad is a lifelong learner.
  • A Noah's Ark (Closest we had to a Mac Truck): Because Dad gets the job done.
  • A bunch of flowers: Dad is a creator.
  • Red and yellow tissue paper bunched together like flames: Dad is passionate.
  • A football: Dad reminds us often to have fun.
As the meal began, we prayed a blessing for this guest of honor. Then Meagan proceeded to share the significance of each item in the odd-looking arrangement. And the different family members who had chosen them. Several pairs of teary eyes looked on.

It's still sitting there. A silent reminder of how much that man is appreciated and respected by his family. Feel free to steal the idea. Especially if there is someone in your family who needs to hear how they're seen by those closest to them.

Time needed to gather items/info? Half an hour
Expense incurred? Nothing (everything was on hand)
Length of time the memory will last? Pretty much.......Forever

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  1. What a wonderful idea!! I hope Maegan realizes that since she did such a good job with the Father's Day centerpiece, it will probably be up to her to make the centerpieces for Hawley family gatherings from now on.

    Did that ever happen to you? It sure does in my family. I come up with a good idea/recipe/plan for something one time and before I realize what's happened, I'm "flattered" into doing it again, i.e., "The Thanksgiving dinner you fixed was delicious and you made it look so easy, we're sure that having our family Christmas dinner at YOUR house would be just as simple. Ugh!!

    Janet in Oxford, FL