Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ready for Take-off

Do you know the sound jet engines make as you sit poised at the end of a runway just before take-off?

It’s a revving, whining, intensifying sound that indicates something incredible is about to happen. The sound continues to increase until the pilot releases the brake and your aircraft begins “flying” down the runway.

Then “BOOM” you’re in the air with your head pressed back against the seat. Enjoying a temporary facelift for free.

And if you didn’t position it correctly under the seat in front of you, your purse will plop backward. All its contents will start spilling out; rolling toward the passenger behind you. (Please don’t ask how I know this.)

At long last, the pilot levels the plane and the rest of your flight seems tame by comparison to those first few moments.

Well, that sound – the sound of revving engines - is what I hear in my head right now!

Meagan called yesterday while trying to order a beautiful cross to be used in their ceremony. “Do I pay extra for the rush shipping?” she asked. “It says allow four to five weeks for ground.”

“No, Honey. Don’t pay extra. You have plenty of time for it to get here.” I absently replied.

"Mom, you know we’re at six weeks, right?” she sounded calm.

“Bless her heart,” I thought with a smile. She is so excited. There’s no way we’re at six weeks. “Hang on, Honey.”

I flipped open my professional calendar.

I located June 6, 2011.

I started counting the Mondays.

“Baby, I’m looking at my calendar,” my tone was a bit patronizing. “It’s actually one, two, um.....three, four, five, six……….”

And there I saw it. July 23rd. Highlighted. Decorated.

“Meagan! We only have SIX WEEKS!! Good Lord, Baby. We’ve got to get rolling!!!” Suddenly my eyes were bulging and my heart was racing.

“I know, Mom.” She still spoke with great calm.

Whew! How glad am I that Meagan is an organized young woman who knows her own tastes and enjoys planning things? Let me tell you, very glad!

But as for the elements that belong to Dad and me alone? There is a small bit of anxiety right now. Roll into that mix a pinch of insomnia, some VBS, and it’s no wonder I’m looking a little wild-eyed these days.

My friend Shirley called yesterday to help me talk through a meal that will go to a bereaved family later this week. After we planned a few minutes (menu, ladies to call, delivery times, set up, etc.) she said, “Sheri, let me just call these ladies. It won’t take me long at all.”

I got off the phone and wondered if I had sounded bewildered. Usually a meal like that is no big deal to plan.

But then I realized that friends are the “jet fuel” that help us experience a successful take-off during seasons like this. Another blessing to mark with gratitude.

So here we go, dear readers. Forty-six days and counting.

“Please remain seated with your seat-belt buckled at all times.” And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep arms and legs inside the vehicle either! Smile.


  1. "Please put your snack trays in the upright and locked position." Hope you can catch some family sit down and eat time over the next 6 weeks!

  2. I'm sure you'll get lots of advice, but I have to share some also :) After helping to plan both my daughters' weddings (9 months apart!) and all the craziness that goes with it, remember to just relax and enjoy the BIG DAY. It will all go by in such a blur, so enjoy and treasure every moment.

  3. Being a Flight Attendant, I sooooo relate to your purse under the seat in front of you. Upon landing....everything rolls to the front of the aircraft, thus, the Flight Attendant trying to locate the owner of the electronic devices that were NOT properly stowed for landing. Miss the smell of jet fuel in the mornings.

  4. I could hear you saying "Good Lord, Baby!" haha It makes me miss you! Love you all. May you embrace the grace during this time! :)