Friday, June 24, 2011


Shortest post in history!


Because I have only an hour to pack, shower, dress and meet my ride in Tampa.

I'm off to Jacksonville to participate in one of my FAVORITE events - speaking to women!

This weekend, the second part of the Pen FL HOPE Tour takes place. Our state women's director graciously invited me to preach the closing sermon. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. Smile. (Requesting a few quick prayers on my behalf.)

I also wanted to thank Janet for her fun comment on yesterday's post.

She asked if Meagan realized this great table arrangement meant everyone would ask her to do the decorating from now on.

Apparently, a really wonderful Thanksgiving dinner by Janet one year became Christmas and other holidays at her home forever after! I know what you're saying! Smile.

When I asked for prayer, I probably should have included Frank in that request too. He will be playing "Super Poppa" this weekend.

John has an all night lock-in for the youth. Kristin, Meagan and Joy (after the lock-in) have planned a "bachelorette" weekend. And I'm in Jacksonville.

It will be up to Poppa alone to give John some assistance during this, his first overnight adventure with the amazing Spencer!! Pray people! Smile.