Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It seems that much of life revolves around waiting, doesn't it?

Of course, you know that right now our waiting focuses on the anticipated arrival of one baby boy. (I'm laughing about us in my heart. So it's okay if you do too. You would think that Linda and I are the only two women who will become first time grandmothers this year! Smile.)

Joy is waiting for Spencer's arrival. She longs to hold the "answer" to her prayers. It seems that everyone has been waiting forever! We believe his appearance is just around the corner. And bottom line, we can do nothing to rush his delivery.

So are we all just sitting around twiddling our thumbs?

No, way! We are waiting actively! There has been a nursery to prepare. Bags needed packing. Travel plans had to be made. (And because of snow, re-made.) Furniture was purchased then assembled. It was arranged; then rearranged! Plans and backup plans have been formulated in case she goes into labor on a Sunday morning. (Shudder.)

You know the drill.

While pondering this, I remembered a sermon the Lord gave to me years ago. (Too long to record here; but I'll give you the highlights.)

If we are going to wait for answers from God, we must choose to understand that He intends for us to "W.A.I.T." actively.

W. - Watch for the miracle! The father of the prodigal son had no promise that the boy would return. But He believed God was working a miracle, so he watched every day for his son; and was able to run to meet him. Watching for the miracle gives us an entirely different attitude and perspective.

A. - Have an Answer for the enemy! "Did God say?" "Will God deliver?" "Can God heal?" Satan has been encouraging mankind to question God since the beginning of time. We must do our part in a miracle by getting into the Word and finding answers for the questions he raises. "God can not lie....." "My God will meet all my needs according to His riches...." "By His stripes we are healed...." I've had occasion to even shout these out loud a few times!

I. - Invest in the miracle! God loves for us to get involved. Moses raised a staff over the sea; Esther approached the king; Abraham left his homeland; Peter got out of the boat. For every miracle moment in our lives, we are able to point back to a moment of obedience God used to make us part of the work. What can you invest toward your miracle? I promise, He'll show you if you ask.

T. - Thank Him for His Timing! "In the fullness of time....." God is never one minute late. (And He's seldom ever early! Smile.) His timing is perfect! I often like to say that when it seems answers are delayed, chose to trust that God is simply "sweetening the pot". In our experiences, we've watched Him add elements we didn't even think to ask about. He also usually orchestrates things so others are blessed in the process too.

The miracle will come, dear friend. You and I are not forgotten by God; we're being grown by Him.

Get involved and W.A.I.T. with joy!