Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ah, Friends! Spencer Matthew Schreck has arrived!!

He came into the world late yesterday by c-section - all 9lbs. 1oz. and 22in. of him! As all you other grandparents warned me, he is absolutely perfect and my heart is totally smitten! (This computer doesn't have enough exclamation marks to express my joy this morning!!!!!!! Smile.)

Puffy little cheeks, long fingers, daddy's nose and mom's adorable dimples! He opened his eyes to check out the faces that went with the voices he's been hearing these many months. And when he did, he took total ownership of us all! I'm done for! Smile.

Joy, John and Spencer were all resting for a moment when we finally left the hospital last night around 9. But as we all know it was probably a looooong night for them. So we appreciate your continued prayers.

The hospital will be my new haunt for all free time over the next few days; they stay until Tuesday. But I'll try to post something of substance before then.

For now, I just had to get out the news. God has graced the world with another beautiful baby boy to bring love and delight to all those around. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Linda, WE'RE G-MAMA'S!! Smile!


  1. CONGRADULATIONS!! We are so excited for you....can not wait to see Spencer, patiently waiting? NO! Just you ALL.

  2. "...With my hands lifted up and my mouth filled with praise. With a heart of thanksgiving, I will bless thee, O Lord..."

  3. Congratulations to you all! I bet you have a 100 watt smile that won't stop! (I can see it here in CT!) God's miracles...leave us without enough exclamation marks!

  4. YAY!!!!!! Congratulations!!! Pictures please!

  5. YAY!! so excited for the hawley/schreck family! Congratulations...can't wait to see his little face...need pictures :-) give my love to joy and john!

  6. Wow, 9 lbs. 1 oz. - what a hefty hunk of humanity he is! I bet he'll be a big boy! Congratulations all around!!