Friday, February 4, 2011

The Curtain

Mrs. Birdie Deal quietly went Home to be with Jesus yesterday afternoon.

I don't expect that Diane Sawyer or Matt Lauer will be reporting on her passing because, like my mom and most of our parents and grandparents, Mrs. Birdie's name was known by only her family and friends. But to those of us who DID know her, the passing is monumental.

Frank and I went back up to the hospital when her family called to let us know. Her side of the semi-private room was filled to capacity with three of her daughters, a son, a "sister", and in-laws who felt like children. A thin curtain separated Mrs. Birdie's area from the space designated for the patient next to her.

When I stepped next to the wall at the foot of the bed, to make room for her family, it gave me an interesting view.

The bed on the right held the precious body of the lady who had just slipped into eternity. The bed on the left held the body of a precious lady sound asleep and still clinging to this life.

They looked very much the same.

White, curly hair crowned both their heads. Brushed straight back by loving hands stroking their brows in an attempt to offer/gain comfort. Faces wrinkled by time, tears, and laughter. Eyes closed; hands at rest.

On the left - machines still whirring; buzzers beeping softly; quiet, labored breathing.

On the right - total peace!

And in that moment, I knew that I was seeing "life" from God's perspective.

He sees our world and eternity at exactly the same moment. Only a thin curtain separates the two. It's all the same "room" from his perspective.

Writing to you this morning, I'm very aware that Spencer may well come into our world as early as tomorrow. Mrs. Birdie slipped to the right side of the room (eternity) yesterday and Spencer will join us on the left side of the room tomorrow.

But God views both sides at the same time.

It brings new meaning to the verse of scripture, "....we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses....cheering us on....." And others that refer to the "thin veil" which separates us.

Doesn't life feel like such a mystery on "our side" of the curtain?! On many days, nothing makes sense at all.

But I take great comfort this morning in knowing that the God who has promised to guide my footsteps, has a perfect view of the entire room! It all makes great sense to Him. And if I can keep my focus on His face, He will lovingly guide me to the the right side of the room in the best possible way.

Joy reminded me, "Ah, Mom. She's more alive than we are!"

True, Joy. So very true. Hope your day is blessed.

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