Friday, November 5, 2010

Pet Peeve - Powerful Promise

Don't you just hate taking the time to clean off a counter or dresser only to turn around and discover that someone used your newly cleaned-off area for depositing their keys and wallet or their computer bag or (insult to injury) their dirty socks?!!! (Those would be on the dresser of course.)

Yeah, it's one of my pet peeves. My entire family could complete this sentence, "I did NOT clear this off just for you to clutter it again!" (Usually said with copious amounts of exaggerated sighing and occasionally even some spitting. Smile.)

We heard a speaker last night say that living with clutter will take two years off your life. No joke. Of course, he also said that being married adds nine years and being a woman adds ten! Mark one up for married women.

So why a tirade on clean counters this morning?

Because while I was clearing my dresser yesterday, Ah-gain; the Lord took that moment to whisper a truth to me.

Many of us work diligently to clear spiritual clutter from our lives: unforgiveness, selfishness, bitterness,........... We step back from the place of prayer and sigh contentedly, "Ah, all clear. Thank you, Lord. This feels wonderful!"

Then before we know it, we discover that wonderfully clear spot has been filled ah-gain! Someone hurts our feelings, we get overlooked, a wound is reopened, a disappointment parks on the open place in our heart. We've all experienced it.

In our lives, we can't just clear that spot - we have to intentionally replace the clutter with something better.

I love the story of Obed (Old Testament, obviously). King David needed a temporary storage place for the Ark of the Covenant. Obed and his family made room and the Ark was dropped off at their home. (Side note: the Ark always represented the Presence of God.) They cleared a place in their tiny home for this huge "box".

The result? Blessings started pouring out on their entire family! They had intentionally cleared room for God in their lives. And He filled that place with His Presence. Object lesson, extraordinaire!

Okay, I get the message. I'm cleaning some spiritual clutter today and making room for His Presence. This powerful promise is too perfect to miss!

Just a little something for you and I to ponder this weekend as we stand guard over our clean counters and dressers! Smile.


  1. sometimes my "spiritual clutter" is a little overwhelming, especially! when its been there for a long time.I too want to make room for His Presence. Thank your Pastor Sheri for posting this, His timing is always!!.. on time. It's a blessing to have people like you that bring such clearity on what God is trying to show me. Today, is just one of those.Your post has let me know, He still loves me.....Thanks!!!!!!!:)