Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Chance


This morning it is too cool in Florida for me to sit outside on my shaded patio! So, I've opted to open the sliding glass door in the dining room and enjoy the refreshing breezes from a more sheltered spot.

But while I was outside, assessing the possibility of being on the the patio, I discovered a kiss from heaven. I've kept a beautiful Christmas cactus that was sent to us for Mom's service by Helen. It has flourished incredibly, even under my dubious care.

Months ago, an incredible wind-burst knocked it off the table I've had it on all this time. The main plant was unharmed but a small piece had broken off. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away; so I placed it in water hoping for...........well, I don't really know for what.

The pitiful piece of cactus which was really quite unattractive, "graced" my kitchen counter for weeks. I wish I had a dime for every time I considered throwing it out. Smile.

After some time, I noticed that the piece broken from the Christmas cactus had sprouted roots. Soooo I took a chance and planted it. This time I didn't expect anything!

Sticking the piece in soil was simply a delay tactic - Frank handles the tossing of all non-growing, brownish dead plants around our place. Throwing it away would become his job and I would be absolved.

But much to our surprise, it continued to stay green and actually seemed to grow a little over the summer.

This morning when I went out to check on our plants and flowers, a breath caught in my throat. That little piece of worthless cactus is doing its best to produce flowers!

In fact, it appears that it will beat the main cactus in the race of heralding this Christmas season FIRST with the gorgeous red blossoms unique to these plants. (If you're unfamiliar with this type of plant, please google it. Really quite fabulous!)

What should have gone in the trash a long time ago, will now add beauty to our lives because we took a moment and gave it a chance!

Hmmmmmmm! Any broken pieces or people around you today? Maybe we should all take a moment in the coming rush of Thanksgiving and Christmas to give someone another chance. Who knows what beauty they will bring to our lives one day!

Just a thought!


  1. What a beautiful description of my life and coming to know Jesus as my Savior! Like the Christmas Cactus, I still struggle to grow and bloom. Unlike the plant I will live for eternity with Jesus! Thank you for writing part of my memoir! :)

    Broken pieces & people around me today as I must go attend the funeral of a relative who, as far as I can tell, had no use for church/religion/Jesus. Yet this does not change the pain and loss his family feels at this time.

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