Friday, July 31, 2015

Shortest Post - Longest Title

"Don't cry because it's ending.......Smile because it happened!"  -Anonymous

Isn't that a great quote?!  I just read it today at a key moment.

Frank and I saw a full day off approaching on the calendar.  I found a coupon on line and we made a quick dash for our favorite beach spot here in FL. 

We managed to dodge the rain drops.  Sat by the ocean, read, watched the waves and clouds. Ate a hot dog for lunch.  Drank a malted milkshake after dinner. 

As I realized the all too short "breather" was drawing to a close, I just happened to spot this quote on a plaque in a window.

"Don't cry because it's ending.....Smile because it happened!"

It immediately shifted my perspective and improved my attitude.

Thought perhaps someone else might need that little boost for their weekend as well.  Pretty sure this is the shortest post I've ever put on line.

Bless You!


  1. Love the quote. I have come to be happy when a vacation is over...happy to be home again but also happy that the vacation was so wonderful. Not sure if that makes sense!

    1. Makes perfect sense, Nicole! I'm learning. :-)