Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cup of Joy!

(This post was actually written yesterday from the corner of Joy's hospital room. )

 My Cup Runneth Over!

I’m so completely overwhelmed by God’s mercy and goodness today!  At 8:28 AM, Mr. Zachariah Avery Schreck took his first big breath.  And when we got the text, celebrating commenced from New York to Florida. (John's parents and grandparents live in NY.)

Frank and I arrived at the hospital just after sunrise.  We all prayed together, caught some pictures; then Noni and Poppa took up station in the waiting room.  Joy went through the C-section beautifully.  John served all the roles of a doting father.

Her massive bouts with heartburn accurately predicted an amazing head full of black hair.  Chubby cheeks, almond-shaped eyes, perfect bow lips, chunky legs.  His cry?  Decisive!

Mostly Schreck looking; although, we occasionally glimpse some Hawley or Burke.  He is perfection; swaddled and capped in blue.

My heart is so incredibly full!  The joy keeps coming in waves.  And with it, my whispered gratitude to the Father.

Around lunchtime, Aunt Meagan and Aunt Kristin descended on the waiting room with four excited little ones.  Spencer (4), Abby (3), Noah (almost 2), Madi (3weeks).  The parade included a double stroller, multiple diaper bags, flowers, and balloons.

Poppa and I switched out to care for Noah and Madi while the sisters took Spencer and Abby in for introductions and pictures. 

Noah is a true people watcher.  So much was happening in the waiting area that after a long walk with Poppa, he sat quietly on my lap looking left then right then left again.  Never a peep.

Frank will bring lunch for me then head to the church for Bible study.  I’ll keep watch while John gets out of the hospital for a while.  Kristin and Cody have sibling duty with Spence and Abby.  Meagan and Nathan are holding down the fort with pictures, information, food, etc. 

(The Schreck house is already clean.  We descended on it Monday and cleared nearly every crook/nook/cranny to be found.)

Moments like this remind us of the blessing of nearness.  The joy of a big family.  The importance of prayer and gratitude. 

After weeks of concern about Meagan and Madi, bed rest proved the key.  Madison quit knocking on the exit and settled in to wait the extra time needed for development. 

How thankful I am every time I look at that precious little face.  I’m grateful even when those tiny lungs fill with air and allow her to express to the neighbors just how displeased she is!

Zach brings the “grand” total to 5!

And Kristin and Cody haven’t even launched into this part of the marriage journey yet!  When it’s time………..

Thanks for your prayers and expressions of care! 

I’m well aware that I haven’t written much about our miracle trip to Israel.  And I have so many stories to share from our missions trip to Spain.  There are posts I’ve pondered concerning all the current events and struggles in our world.

But for today, the greatest story I could share is this – God is Faithful - always!  And sometimes, like with Zach and Madi, things work out just the way we've hoped.  In those moments, we must bow and whisper, "Thank you, Father!  Thank you!"

Yes, my cup truly runneth over!


  1. Congratulations to the entire family!! What a blessing grandchildren are! :)

    1. Thanks, LeeAnne. You're right - a blessing indeed!

  2. What a blessing. I am going to be blessed with one more - my 6th at the end of October - the old saying "we plan - God Laughs" is true this time. God is truly good - ALL THE TIME - not just some of the time.

    1. Congratulations, Becky! Love the saying you shared. (PS - Thanks for clarifying what I also feel - God is good all the time. Note the edit.)