Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. Cody McGhee are currently enjoying their honeymoon in Charleston, SC.

It was a truly RESPLENDENT (you knew my favorite word was coming, right?) wedding in every way!
Kristin walked the aisle with a smile that defies description.  Cody tried to look stoic but it was a lost effort when those doors opened, revealing his beautiful bride on the arm of her father.

So many details to record.  So many fun and poignant stories to share.  Trust me, I'll try my best to tell them all.  But today weariness has set in and emotions are running too high to uncork the bottle.

Frank and I made plans to leave town for a few days after the wedding.  We'll be going with Phil and Sue, our dear friends from England, to finish this week at Daytona Beach.

One quick snapshot: You may remember that Frank and I took a dance lesson in preparation for the big day.  We managed to master the "Box Step" and we were off and running. 

Did you know you can do the box step to almost any song?  Slow box step.  Fast box step.  Big steps.  Tiny steps.  By the time we added a little side-to-side rocking step and a simple twirl, we were ready for the dance floor!

Frank's dance with Kristin was so lovely.  They talked and box stepped and laughed.  Near the end of the special song ("My Girl!"), the sisters joined them.  They all four did "The Egyptian Walk" like they've done since they were tiny girls following their daddy around the living room.

Someone suggested that I join them.  "No, this has been their special Daddy-Daughter dance for years.  My part is to watch and clap."  Which I did!

Later in the evening, Frank and I had another opportunity to demonstrate our Box Stepping Skills.  I turned and saw my precious mother-in-law sitting patiently at the family table. 

Knowing how much she has always loved dancing, I whispered to Frank that he should go invite her to the floor. 

"What about you?" he asked.

"I'll ask Daddy to dance with me," I declared boldly.  Frank looked doubtful.

Those who know about my growing up years, understand that such an invitation for my dad is really unthinkable.  Dancing was grounds for immediate dismissal from any pastoral position back in his day.

But I asked anyway.

And to my great surprise, after very little urging, my dad backed his chair from the table and followed me back to the dance floor.

"I don't even know what I'm doing," he protested weakly.

"It's okay,"  I tried to sound confident.  "Just rock back and forth.  We'll look great!"

Daddy and I "danced" for the second half of the song.  My sister caught my eye and we gave each other the raised-eyebrow, total-shock look.

Neither of us had ever seen our dad dance.  But he did. 

And those few moments created a memory I'll cherish for the rest of my life.  

Kristin and Cody sent a text to let us know they arrived safely.  Yesterday she posted a picture showing them as relaxed and totally enjoying their time together.

Thank you for all the extra prayers and well-wishes!   Their wedding day was one kissed by the Father Himself!


  1. So glad for happy hearts and cherished memories made. Yay! :-) Deb Mantik