Friday, October 17, 2014


A week from Friday!

For years people have looked at Kristin and casually said, "So, Kristin.  When will YOU be getting married?"  (Like somehow they thought they were the first to ask that question.)

Eventually, she came up with a response that she rattled off a thousand times even though she wasn't dating anyone, "Oh, a week from Friday!" 

Today that is literally the truth.  A week from Friday!

That's when the dreams Kristin has nurtured for years will be walked out.  In a single day, all those dreams will become memories that warm her heart for a lifetime.

Cody is such a fine young man.  He loves God.  He treats his parents and grandparents with great respect.  (One of Frank's benchmark measurements through the years.)  He lights up when he sees Kristin and responds lovingly to her.

They surprised us when they revealed they've both been praying that as a result of the wedding ceremony they've planned, someone will choose to make Christ the Lord of their life, too.  What more could we ask?

John (our first son-in-law) is the ultimate organizer.  So on Wednesday after church, we all worked on a "Wedding Day Play Book."  I had to bail out around midnight; since my normal bedtime is 9:30.  Kristin, John and Cody worked on until 2:45.

The result was a 36-page detailed description of schedules, point people, lists, job descriptions, set-up/clean-up instructions, sound, lights, music.  Every single element from Wednesday morning to Friday night is COVERED!

It brings a lot of comfort and peace to know that we've thought it through to the best of our ability.  Now when the glitches come up, someone else can look at the book and make a decision on our behalf.  All we have to do is focus on the bride, the groom, and the joy of the moment.

Today Frank and I take a little trip to do a couple's retreat for a church three hours north.  Perhaps a crazy decision to accept the invitation for the week-end before the wedding; but we had our reasons.

The first of our wedding guests arrive tomorrow.  Let the celebrating begin!

I read such a timely scripture this morning from the writings of Jeremiah - "I have loved you with an everlasting love....."  May that be the testimony of these two precious young people - beginning a week from Friday! 

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