Saturday, October 11, 2014


Wedding update - We're now under the two week mark!!

Final meetings.  Final fittings.  Bridal portraits.  Final purchases.  Final counts.  Dance lessons.  Finishing touches.

WAIT!  Back up!  Did you say "Dance Lessons?"

YES!!  Frank and I finally created time to take the dance lesson he purchased for my birthday over a year ago.  And it was SO MUCH FUN!!

Kristin and Cody joined us.  Teresa (the instructor) met us at her studio after hours to minimize the embarrassment factor.  We stumbled; tripped; stopped; started.  Tried again.  Did I mention that it was so much fun?!

Frank and Cody are truly GOOD men to willingly step out of their comfort zone in order to bring such joy to the women they love!

At one point, Teresa had me close my eyes in order to just focus on following Frank's lead.  (I had to follow without thinking.  He had to be decisive in leading.  There's an illustration for our next couple's retreat in that, right?! )

With my eyes closed, the "box step" I was attempting made better sense.  We had gone several measures into the song when it hit me.......I was dancing!  And I couldn't help it, I began to cry.

Frank knew he had hit a "husband home run" and his smile lit up the room.

The lesson actually became a pretty accurate measure of where we are as a couple.

It was a pleasant surprise for the two strong-willed leaders to discover that the wife (that would be me) was able to quickly step into the role of follower.  Making it much easier for the husband (that would be Frank) to direct our steps and keep us moving safely in the right direction.

The dance required two separate people.  We both had an important part to play.  But in order to accomplish our common goal, we had to move as one.  That's when our "working together" became something beautiful.  And we thoroughly enjoyed the results!

Yep, dancing is definitely a great sermon illustration! 

Some people wouldn't understand the significance of this gift Frank gave to me.  But Frank has known me for over 35 years now.  There aren't many corners of my heart he doesn't know.  My dreams, my needs, even a few wants are totally on his radar.  And I'm thankful!

Kristin and Cody spent the last part of the lesson working on the first dance they'll share as husband and wife.  Kristin (who has always loved to dance) never stopped smiling.  Cody (who could live his entire life without ever dancing) saw her smile and kept twirling.   

Smart man to follow the lead of his new father-in-law.  Smart man to create another reason for his new mother-in-law to love him.

Have to admit, my arms, hips, knees and feet are not experiencing the warm glow of joy this morning.  But that's why we have Aleve, right? 

And they better get used to it.  Because now that I know I can........there will be more dancing in my future.  (We briefly contemplated removing all the living room furniture but decided against it.)

Time to get moving again.  Our precious church family has chosen today for blessing Kristin and Cody with gifts for the home they'll create together.  Everyone is excited.

I'm hoping your day is a lovely dance with the Father as He leads and you follow!


  1. Such an exciting time for everyone! Weddings hold such hope and promise.
    Many blessings to your daughter and her intended.
    Will you be posting pictures of the shower today?

    On another note--will you pass along a message to Becky Smith. It is
    impossible to get on her website. There is a message that it is in maintenance mode from the pixel boutique. It's been there for a couple of days. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Judy! No pictures from the shower. But Cody (Kristin's fiance) is a techie guy.....hoping he'll want to teach his new "mom" about picture posting after the wedding. (I'm taking Becky to the airport this morning. I'll give her your msg.)